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Sleeping in new toddler bed.

New toddler bed :) and how it's goingSo she has been doing fantastic, no need for pillows anymore. She has settled to sleeping in a bed really wellLilly's new bed has arrived, a beautiful Disney princess bed with sides. Really easy to put together and seems very sturdy. Lilly was so excited when she first saw it.The bed has plenty of storage which is made of canvas with design on the front and zips going both ways for practicality.  The other brilliant bit with this bed is the side table that attaches to the side of the bed, with a beaker holder and book slot. So huge steps for our girl, sleeping in a big girls bed and settling in it to. Very proud Mummy x

From Cot to Bed

So we as a couple have decided to start the transition from a cot to a bed at the age of 17 months, this we believe is for her safety as climbing is becoming a big issue in our house hold.
I will be doing weekly updates for the next few weeks to create a diary for me and for others to help with the transition.

So on the first night I was terrified about her falling out so started with the mattress on the floor, which worked well so the second night and though till now she has slept in her cot bed, and done brilliantly.
we have a duvet on the floor just incase to break the fall if one should happen and the cot bed we have been using does not have sides of any sort.
Well today her new toddler bed has arrived and just needs assembling, which does have side so will not have such a big worry.
So week 1 has gone well and she has taken to it like a duck to water.
Thanks x

About Me!

Hi I'm 22 years old and have a 17 month old. 
I was just 20 when I found out I was pregnant but had planned for a few months before for our family to grow.
Out baby girl was born on the 14th of September 2012 and a whole new story began :)
I decided to vlog about my pregnancy and after, and love sharing ideas and experiences, so thought I'd expand to blogging to.
Enjoy x