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Zombie walk | 1066 Walk of the dead

Last Saturday was an annual parade called the zombie walk or the walk of the dead. Every year 1066 walk of the dead takes part to raise money for charity, this was our first year at taking part and I will definitely be there next year with plenty more gore. Lilly loved it and by the end was trying to scar people with her silly zombie voice. Below is a selection of pictures from the day. 

Not sure why but I really like this photo of when I was getting my make up done

One scary lady, even creeps me out.
A few of the zombies!
Was such an awesome day and was good to know it was for a good cause. Will definetly be better prepared next year and sort out a proper costume to go with the make-up.
I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, whatever ypu may be up to.

How to keep warm in winter

Here are a few tips that we use in winter to keep warm. This is a hard task in our house and have made a few purchases since being here to help cope with the cold.

I love having blankets out in the winter, I think they make the home look cosy and homely for everyone. I place them on the tops of the sofas so are handy when we want to wrap ourselves up. We also have an electric blanket in our bed, I personally could not live without this now. putting the bed on 10 minutes before bed and its heaven to get into. 
Draft excluders
These are so good for keeping the draft at bay as the name says. We just have the simple ones that screw into the doors but I know that you can get quite cute fabric ones that are handy to use anywhere really. We just have one on the front door but living in a block of flats it really helps when the block windows are open or someone has just come into the block.
Layer up, simple as that, instead of turning the heating on straight away, put a jumper o…

Halloween decorations

Ipoppop have really got into Halloween this year and am actually quote excited. So I have decided to do a bit of decorating to make our home more festive. We have some shop brought things and homemade crafts too. I thought that it would be nice to share them with you and show you the few bits we have around our house. I am loving it!

My collection has grown every year, with the most this year. I dont want to go over board but am very happy with the decorations so far.
In future years I am sure my collection will grow, as i think Lilly is going to be a little girl who enjoys Halloween. I am going to try and decorate arpund each holiday to make it all the more exciting for Lilly.
I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, what ever you may be doing. And hope you enjoyed looking at our decorations.

Bedtime routine

I thought that I would share Lilly's bedtime routine at the age of 2. So this has changed drastically Inpudding st 2 months.
My sleeping princess.
So firstly we start off with dinner at about 6pm every night. She will have something quite filling and pudding after which is usually yogurt.
Every other day she has a warm bath with tiys in that lasts about 30 minutes, we dont bath her daily as it is bad for her excema.
When it isn't her bath day we will usually have a calm down session in her room with reading or singing.
After that we will them put her in her pajamas and get her comfortable and brush her hair and teeth.
She then usually has about 30 minutes in the living room with us and we will talk about the things that we have done that day. 
At 8pm she says her good nights and me and her go to her room. She has one or two books, depending on length and how tired she is. I then say goodnight and give her cuddles. She them settles on her own.
Roughly two months ago she could …

Autumn fun

We love autumn. So much to do which my little girl loves. She has been loving being outside with nature.
The puddles are back, so that means a lot of splashing and getting all mucky. She thinks she Is peppa pig.
Walking and crunching through the leaves is another favourite for the both of us. Kicking them about and looking at all the different colours. she loves to make then crunch under her feet the most and isn't impressed when there wet. We have a wood close to us so its not to far to walk for her either.
We collected some chestnuts the other day and all Lilly wanted to do was pretend to cook them for grandad. there so easy to fine and durable too. just look out for holes in them and insects could have made a home, which we found out the hard way.

Lastly she loves clearing the leaves up in Nanny's garden, nanny racks them into a pile and Lilly usually kicks them about a bit before putting them into the wheel barrow for Daddy to dispose of. she also lucks throwing them into…

What I ate

So I thought I would share what I would share what I have been eating lately. I have been trying to cut out snacks so none are mentioned.
For breakfast I had a bowl of fruit and fibre, iI love this and is pretty cheap to buy too. This cereal seems to keep my belly filled up until lunch.
For lunch I had a cheesy jacket potato, a slice of Ham, some coleslaw and a small sausage roll. This was soooo nice. And pretty healthy too.
For dinner I would have a prawn stir fry with a sweet and sour sauce. So quick and simple after work and tasted amazing too. I dont buy prawns that often so made a nice change.
quite a simple day of food but yummy all the same.

Halloween craft #2

Today we thought we'd have a relaxed day so we did some Halloween craft. Today we decided to let Lilly decorate a pumpkin. Lilly had lots of fun painting and glittering.
You will need: - A pumpkin - Glitter - Paint  - Glue - Other ddecorative bits
On ours we used paint, glitter and glitter pens. She seemed to really enjoy painting the pumpkin and making it all sparkly. I helped with pouring the glitter and using the glitter pens too. So simple to do and cheap too.
This is the final product of lillys creativeness. And there wasnt a lot to clean up either. We just have to let it dry now.

Hastings Bonfire 2014

Last night was our annual bonfire night which ends Hastings week, a celebration for the battle of Hastings. It was lovely weather last night, not to cold and no rain. Credit to others for the photos and my phone had no power.
My Dad and brother were both in the parade with ssection 5 drummer's, which I used to be part of. Lilly hated the rookies but we soon moved away.
After the parade had gone through, we stood a little way back for a while to let the crowds move, Lilly also got a light up wind mill. Which didn't break the bank for once.
We find a nice spot on the beach and waited for the parade to end in the firesight. This didn't take too long. Lilly was a bit uncertain about the fireworks with the noise but was ok with her head on my shoulder watching. She absoloutly loved the bonfire though. Another great night from the Hastings bonfire boys!

Halloween craft for toddlers

So today Lilly did her first ever Halloween craft with me. I was clearing out her craft cupboard I came across a bag of sweet wrappers and thought about something I could make. So here it is, our sweet wrapper pumpkin, quick and simple.

You will need: - Some card - Sweet wrappers  - Glue - Scissors - Chalk

Firstly draw your pumpkin or other shape onto the card with chalk or light crayon. Next glue the entire shape inside, Lilly did most, I just filled the area in.

Next let your little ones stick down the wrappers which match your theme and picture. We used orange and gold for the face and green for the stalk. make sure all the wrappers are secure and glue down amy over laps.
Next is to cut it out and tidy the edges. To make the face I took the corners of the offcut card and got lilly to stick into place with help of pointing out roughly where.
So simple and cheap to do.

Toddler OOTD | Autumn

I thought I would share Lilly's beautiful autumn outfit. Both these items are from nutmeg, Morrison's. So very affordable and beautiful clothing for all styles. 
She is wearing a pair of navy blue jeggings which pretty much go with everything. These feel very well made and actually look my like jeans. These were £3 a pair.
This top is just adorable. I love the picture on the front of the birds making a scarf for the fox or squirrel. Lol. Very autumnal and cheap at just £2 a top.
No autumn outfit is complete without some sort of boots. These are her favourite which are her minnie mouse wellies. I actually got given these but by the very faded label it looks like George, asda. Lilly would wear these to bed if she could.
Hope you enjoyed

Fbf British Drifting Championship | Lydden Hill

A flash back Friday for you, just back to April when we went to Lydden hill for the weekend to watch The British Drifting Championship. We camped for one night.

Lilly loved camping in the tent and jumping on the airbeds, took her a while to get to sleep but she slept like a log.

Look at these gorgeous pink cars, the speed they can go to. They looked amazing, and sound really nice too. At Lydden hill they have an open pit, which means you can walk around and look at all the cars.

This was one of the best pictures I managed to get of the drifting. Lilly loved watching the cars fly by and got really excited. Shame the first day was a bit of a wash out.

Family picture time of course. The second day was a nice day and the track dried out quite quick. I could not tell you who won or anything like that but was a lovely family weekend.

Lack of blogging.

So I am going to patient. ompletely honest with you why I haven't been blogging as much.
1. I now have a job which ranges from 12-15 hours a week. 2. I am having a roughly time with emotions which I hope to get sorted soon. 3. I have just plain forgot some days.
So I now work at a supermarket part time. This is only temporary and I Miss both Lilly and Liam so much. But it makes me treasure moments like below even more.
I am having a bad time with feeling low and constantly crying, I have been to the doctors who have referred me to talk to a mental bealth officer.
With all that happening I have just plain forgot some nights and have just taken myself off tp bed.  
Thanks for being patient.