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Blogmas day 16 • Homemade hot chocolate cones

For blogmas day 16 I thought I'd share a way of saving some money and doing your own. 
I have been contemplating buying some of these hot chocolate cones for Lillys Christmas eve basket but people are charging up to £2.50 per cone. I thought about checking the price on the cones on eBay and to my surprise they were only 99p for 10 cone bags.
The cone pictured below is 3 scoops of hot chocolate and some marshmallows for the pefect cup on Christmas eve. It took me not even a minute to fill and tie it up and is ridiculously easy to do at home rather than paying way above the odds for it.

I hope you like this simple idea for a cute little stocking filler or Christmas eve box.
Happy blogmas

Blogmas day 2 • Christmas cake • Recipe and Method

Blogmas day two is a Christmas Cake recipe for you. I make my cake in November to make sure I have time to feed it, but you can just soak the fruit and leave a week before icing the cake.

I made a 7 inch square cake to cut in half. and here is the recipe for you all.
- 965g Mixed fruit - 50g Ground almonds - 100g Glace cherries - 200g Plain flour - 1tsp Mixed spice - 200g Butter - 200g Brown Sugar - 1 Lemon rind and zest - 4 standard eggs - 100ml rum/brandy/sherry

- Preheat oven to 200oc/ gas mark 6 - Line sides and bottom of cake tin with double parchment paper - Cream butter and sugar until fluffy - Beat in eggs one at a time, if starts to curdle add a little flour - Add rind and juice of the lemon - Mix flour, ground almonds and spice together - Toss mixed fruit and cherries into flour - Add fruit and flour to other ingredients a little at a time, add half the rum ( or soak the fruit in alcohol overnight) Save some to feed the cake
Gets a bit complicated here
- Place mixture …

Halloween 2015

We had a very queit and relaxed Halloween with a couple of crafts, a costume and a spooky dinner to finish the night off.
He cute little Spider princess costume was from Aldi and was only about £3 which I thougt was a brilliant price, and she looks super cute too. She loved being the spider princess and was waving her wand about at me and Daddy, turning us into bugs.

We made a bracelet with a kit that I got last year fron Sainsbury's and after we made some toilet roll monsters.
You will need: - Painted toilet rolls - Glue - Anything you want to add.

Lilly loved adding the stars and deciding what face I should draw on the front. I pre-painted the tubes a few days ago and hadn't got around to it till yesterday, but it gave us an extra thing to do.

At dinner time I wanted to keep the Halloween theme going so I made her a kind of spooky spider dinner. This was a waffle, a sausage square (cut into a spider shape), sweetcorn and gravy. She loved it and ate the whole of it as quick …

Pumpkin carvings • Halloween

We have been busy carving pumpkins for Halloween and wanted to share our carvings with you.
Firstly my other half created this wonderful wolf, he did a fantastic job on it. Last year the daily mail had a pumpkin carving tamplates page of which my other half chose to do this one. It took him about an hour woth making the holes around the template and then carefully cutting out the shape. Then making it perfect by gettibg rid of any unwanted bits. I think he did a brilliant job and it looked so spooky all lit up 

The next one way my creation. I wanted to make mine look scary so made everything quite triangular and angry looking.  I just drew the face on then cut into the pumpkin using a pumplin carving kit from poundland.

Lastly lilly wanted a happy pumpkin which she helped scoop all the inards out of.  She also helped me cut the pumpkin but made sure I had hold of the little saw so I could stop at any point for any reason. She loves seeing them all lit up at night and they make the li…

Toddle OOTD • Another Autumn Look

I thought that I would share another cute outfit of Lilly's for you. 
I love this outfit on her and think she looks very cosy.
This outfit is such a simple and cute outfit and she seems to be very comfortable in it. 
Her top is from Nutmeg, a cute mustard colouted top with a bunny and flowers on it, I found this in the sale for just £2
Her trousers are from next and are these cute kharki coloured with some military style buttons near the bottom. I don't know the price of these as I brought a bundle of clothes with these in.
Her boots we got from sports direct for just £6. There Kangol boots with fur inside so slightly like ugh boots. 

I really think this is one of my favourite outfits for her to wear.

Birth and having a Newborn • So unprepared

This is a rather different post to what I normally write but I feel like I have to. 
Looking back on my pregnancy and the first few months of having Lilly I was so naive. I really didn't know what I was doing and what I had to come.

I was very lucky with my pregnancy on how it went. I never thought about how much my body would change or anything, I never brought a maternity item or any special creams for stretch marks so I ended up living in jogging bottoms or jeans held together with a hairtie. 
The one thing that I did use was pretty natal vitamins from the very start. 
Going into the final few week I packed my hospital bag which was almost OK as had watched a few YouTube video. I made sure that I had plenty of bits for Lilly and even took some milk cartons in to.
I went into labor just as I wanted to, with my waters breaking and got very excited but ended up being sick for about an hour after they broke, I then went into panic mode which in the end got me to make the awful cho…

Simple Cupcakes • Recipe and Method

We made some really tasty and simple to make cakes and thought I'd share the recipe with you all.

3 Medium eggs Weight of eggs - Self raising Flour Weight of eggs - Marge Weight of eggs - Sugar
1. Preheat oven to 180/gas mark 5 2. Mix marge and sugar together until creamy 3. Add eggs 1 at a time, add a small amount of flour if mixture starts to curdle 4. Sieve flour and add to mixture 5. Place mixture into cupcake cases 6. Cook for 15-20 minutes until spongy to the touch.

As you can see they are so simple to make and really yummy to.
If you make these let me know :)

Wave of light | Pregnancy and Infant loss

I have lit a candle tonight for all the little ones that have been taken to early from our lives.

This is my memory of our very little one who never made possible the first trimester.
At the age of 19, me and my other half decided that we should have a family together, we had our own flat, I had a good job, we were settled and ready.
I fell very easily, within 1 month actually and we were so happy and couldn't believe it had happened so quickly. Every seemed to be fine and went to my doctor to tell him, we then got referred to a midwife and met her. It felt amazing! 
A few days later while at home, I noticed some spotting, only a little but it got my heart racing. But tried to relax. It started to worsen so I phoned Liam who was concerned.
The next morning we phoned the hospital and they told us to come in for a check, we went straight in for a scan and had bloods taken. The good news was, was that we were pregnant, the bad news was, was that our baby was mesuring three weeks beh…

Lilly's 3 year update

I have just realized that I never wrote a post about Lilly pops at 3. I still really cannot believe that she has been in our life three years.

Food Lilly still loves her food and certainly isn't fussy like her Daddy. For breakfast she usually has cereal but does like toast and porridge too. For lunch she will usually have a sandwich of some sort and some fruit to go with it, then for dinner she'll pretty much eat anything, her favourite is pasta and cheese. Lilly loves her vegetables and fruit and also loves sweeties to (but what child doesn't)
Speech She talks so much telling us about her day and about her friends from nursery. She asks questions about everything and says 'No' a lot. She can count from 1-19 and them gets confused. Lilly also loves to sing nursery rhymes and theme songs and also attempts to song the alphabet.
Sizes Lilly is now in size 3-4 as she seems to have grown so much in the last few months, especially in height. He shoe size is a 6. Lilly fina…

Toddler OOTD | Autumn edition

Lilly has some beautiful clothes for this season so there may be a couple of these type of posts up.

This specific outfit is so beautiful and something I personally would never this about buying for Lilly.
This was a birthday gift and has completely changed my mind on clothing like this. The blue dress really suited her with the 79's style floral print.
I think this is a really nice outfit for a warm(ish) autumn day with a cute pair of boots to finish the look off. It certainly makes a change to her wearing leggings. 
The dress is from miniclub clothing at boots and her tights are from F&F from Tesco.
This look has really made me consider looking for more long sleeve dresses for some nice outfits for play dates or just every day outfit.

Lillys third birthday in pictures | 14th Septmeber

Monday was a wonderful day of celebration when our little girl turned 3. I thought that I would share a few pictures to you all.
We were meant to be taking a family trip but the weather was completely against us so we let her play with all her new toys in the morning. 
She woke up at 6:20 and was full of it from then on. We went into the frontroom to open her presents at about 9am, she was loving it. Ripping the paper off and seeing her new toys that she had to play with.
In the after noon we took a trip over to Nanny's and Grandads where she had more presents to open, a huge '3' balloon and we did her birthday cake after lunch. Daddy had brought a '3' sparkler and we put two normal candles on too. This year she actually managed to blow her candles out, last year the wind did it for her lol.
After her cake we spent some more time playing and then decided to come home again. She fell asleep on the way home but when she woke she had more energy to play with her toys…

First day of Nursery

This post really wants to make me cry knowing that my little girl is growing up and making her own adventures now.
Yesterday was my little girls first settle in day at nursery and I was so proud how she did. Lilly looked so smart in her uniform and couldn't wait to get going when she was dressed.

We left at 8 to get the bus down because the weather was awful, windy and raining so hopefully Thursday is better so I can do a full school run walking. 
We arrived and I found her peg to put her bag and coat on, then watched her toddle off to play. I said goodbye to her and gave her a cuddle then left her to it.

I felt absolutely lost without when walking back to the bus stop and it felt so strange to step on a bus and being able to choose my own seat.
When I got back, I couldn't settle at all, I kept clock watching. I managed to get all the housework done and sti have an hour to wait.
When I went to pick her us I was so nervous bit she had had a lovely day of splashing in puddles, …

Happy 3rd birthday | Mummy Monday

I cannot believe that my little girl is going to be three years old. I see her grow and change every day but can't believe that three years have passed since I gave birth to her.
Three years today was the most surreal day of my life, starting a new chapter, not only for me and but for me and Liam as a couple. 
She is the best thing that happened to us and I am so thankful that we have a beautiful, clever little girl who knows how to make us smile and feel better with her quirky personality.
I have watched her grow into this little girl who wants to explore and learn in any way she can, she knows how to push our limits and winds us up like no tomorrow but I wouldn't change her for the world.

To Our Lilly,
We wish you a very happy birthday,  You have made our life so fun and unpredictable, you have an amazing personality and you make me laugh and and smile so much every day, You have so many amazing adventures coming along and I know that you are going stride through without a …

My week in pictures | 7th - 13th September

A very eventful week for me to share. As you may have read I passed my theory test on Monday. I was so happy yet so surprised. 

After I passed my test I met with Lilly's Nanny and grandad as they looked after her. We then went down the park together. I found this tree quite fascinating the way the trunk twisted and the branches grew out in sections.

Look at this little princess, I seriously cannot believe she turns three tomorrow. She is still not asleep but I think its because she is excited for the next couple of days. I can see me being an emotional wreck lol.

Lastly I wanted to share my birthday present from my mother in law, she knows me way to well. A big bundle of Yankee candle samplers and two cute little jars for them too. I only picked then up yesterday, hence the picture in today's blog.

I hope you enjoy these posts, I am so excited for the coming week but as I said I know I am going to be an emotional wreck.

Mummy and daughter Outfit | Princess

I haven't posted an outfit post in a long time so I thought I would share our outfits from yesterday. 

I was wearing a primark blue T-shirt and a primark white vest underneath. I love this blue top, it is so comfy and seems to really suit me. I also wore blue Tesco skinny jeans, I love my skinny jeans as they make my legs look so much better than they actually are lol.
Lilly was wearing a cute floral from TU at Sainsbury's and a pair of blue jeggings from Nutmeg at Morrison's. She also had her Belle princess dress on which she wore when we went to the shops too, bless her. Ibgotbher dress from Argos.

I am in love with this outfit for me as it is so comfy and quite flattering. Lilly looks adorable in her princess dress and love the way she likes to dress up now.
Do you have a go to outfit? Or does your little one have a favourite dress up costume they like to wear

Birthday goodies | My Presents

So on Saturday I had a birthday and was completely spoilt. I thought that I would share with you lovely people what I got.

My other half didn't know what to get me at all, I am so difficult to buy for as I hate asking for things and never feel like I need anything lol.
So Liam took me shopping for a few bits, I ended up in primark for some clothes and in Lush Cosmetics for some bath bombs. I picked up Intergalactic, The experimenter and frozen. 
I also brought myself Sprinkle of Glitters diary with some money that I was given, I still have some of that to spend too.
My Mum and Dad got me a handbag which I needed actually as the lining of my other bag was coming out and they also got me a Zoella Beauty make up bag with guinea pigs on the front, I asked for this a while back when out shopping with them.
I have one more present to pick up yet but I have been truely spoilt this year with some really useful gifts.
In no way am I trying to boast, I just wanted to share with you.

I PASSED | My theory test

I passed my theory test :)

I am so happy to share with you all that I have passed my theory test today :) 
This was the first time that I have sat this test and honestly thought I had failed, I left the room with quite a heavy heart.
The hazard perception was the bit that worried me but it turns out I didnt do that bad with it.
I got 48 out of 50 on the multiple choice and 55 out of 75 on the hazard perception.
I am so happy and has just added to my amazing birthday weekend :)

My week in pictures | 31st Aug - 6th Sept

Another week has passed and I am another year older lol. It was my birthday yesterday and was truely spoilt :) I feel very lucky.
Last Monday me and Lilly played with her duplo and made a really cool island for Jake and Peter from Jake and the Neverland pirates, We then went on to play for a bit finding the treasure and fighting off the crocodile.
After she also made a chicken out if duplo which was amazing.

During the week we went out and had icecream, two scoops of chocolate and a scoop of toffee. Lilly was so small in the chair that she actually sat on the table at the end to reach the bbotto, bless her. We ended up sharing as there was a lot of ice cream there for her to eat. 

As I said at the beginning it was my birthday yesterday and I was spoilt but everyone. Liam didn't know what to get me so he took me shopping for a few bits, I got some lush bathbombs and some clothes from Primark too, and the sprinkle of glitter 2016 diary. We then stopped at my mum and dads and they b…

Nursery Haul | Family Friday

In about two weeks my baby girl will be starting nursery so I thought I would share all the bits that I have got for her to start nursery.
Firstly is her uniform including polo shirts, pinafore, skirt, jumper and cardigans with logo's and other little bits. We also picked up so plimsolls for school shies as I could not find shoes in her size.

I have also got her a backpack, lunchbox and beaker. She won't be needing her lunchbox at the moment as she will be doing mornings but it only cost £2. I have also sticked up on snack bits for Lillys backpack for after nursery.

Lastly I have picked up extra calpol and tixylix as I know everything will be thrown at her when she first starts. And I also picked up a nit comb so I am prepared for pretty much any situation.
I still cannot believe I will have a 3 year old nursery child soon. 

Planning my girls 3rd birthday

I cannot believe my baby girl is going to be 3 years old in twi weeks. We have been planning party ideas and buying present.

This has been the hardest year to find presents for her. She is at the stage where she loses ingress in things so easily. We have managed to get her a few bits but are still looking. She had a scooter, some duplo, a tinkerbell book which she asked for and some wooden pretend play food/ kitchen bits. I wish we could find things easier but we just can't seem to find anything that we know she'll like or that we agree on.
I managed to pick a few bits up from Dunelm mill in a sale that they had, so this year is about princesses and we got some princess banners for just 49p per pack and some invitations for 69p per pack. These are so cute and you certainly cannot beat that price. I will be looking on pintrest for more decoration ideas for a princess party.
Birthday Cake
Lastly is the birthday cake which we will be buying this year. We gave b…

My Week in Pictures | 23rd - 30th August

Hello, another post of my week in pictures and I start off which looks like it should be winter.

The weather had been crazy this summer and on this particular day it was cold and raining so we opted for a cosy warm coat that my aren't brought her. She looks so grown up in it though.

The next picture makes her look even more grown up in the bath robe, cleaning her teeth.
A couple of months back I wrote a post about the Aquafresh Brush time app which she has been using daily and absolutely loves it.

My little girl is so talented, she created this 'frog' out of play doh all by herself. I was folding washing and she said look at my frog mummy. I was so surprised I actually welled up. 
Today she has done the same thing by making a bird out of duplo all by herself, very proud mummy and daddy today.

We were serving for munch in Sainsbury's the other day and came across an area full of American bit such as the strange M&M's, reeces bars and hershey's bars too. Thes…