Mummy and daughter Outfit | Princess

I haven't posted an outfit post in a long time so I thought I would share our outfits from yesterday. 

I was wearing a primark blue T-shirt and a primark white vest underneath. I love this blue top, it is so comfy and seems to really suit me. I also wore blue Tesco skinny jeans, I love my skinny jeans as they make my legs look so much better than they actually are lol.

Lilly was wearing a cute floral from TU at Sainsbury's and a pair of blue jeggings from Nutmeg at Morrison's. She also had her Belle princess dress on which she wore when we went to the shops too, bless her. Ibgotbher dress from Argos.

I am in love with this outfit for me as it is so comfy and quite flattering. Lilly looks adorable in her princess dress and love the way she likes to dress up now.

Do you have a go to outfit? Or does your little one have a favourite dress up costume they like to wear



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