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She lost more teeth

No one told me her loosing baby teeth would be so emotional, she has now lost four and is a pro at this now but it still makes my heart ache a little. Every sign of a wobbly tooth now and she's  on the apples trying to make it fall out and it is the cutest reaction when it actually happens. 
I remember the first one like it was yesterday, the excitment and fear in Lils eyes, wondering if it was going to hurt and if the tooth fairy would actually come. When it finally happened Lilly was estatic, she washed it carefully with the plug in, put it in our sepcial envelope for the tooth fairy and waited for bedtime. She woke pretty early the next morning to a retreived baby tooth and in its place, a £2 coin and a first tooth certificate.
It's one of the big milestones for her age range and one that is so significant to both the child and the parent and one that I will never forget.

Bodiam Castle - Our Day Out

Back in February we visited the beautiful Bodiam Castle, which means that we ticked one of our things off the to do list for this year. Bodiam Castle was built in the 14th century, it is now owned by the National Trust and is open to the public for a tour in its grounds.
The outside of the castle looked very intact but cross the moat via the bridge and enter the door, you'll see a completely different situation. most of the inside is ruins now with doorways leading to nowhere all around you. The towers are still together as are some of the areas in the grounds, we enjoyed trying to work out what the rooms could have been.

One of the towers at the front was open, we decided that we would take a look, this meant climbing a very narrow spiral staircase with step that reached up to Lils knee's, it was hard work but well worth the view from the top. The second area to climb was at the back of the castle which looked over the village of Bodium, the views were stunning.

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Hughie's Supercar Sunday

On Sunday me and Lilly took a trip to a very cool local event known as Hughie's Supercar Sunday, this is an event that is in memory of a little boy call Hughie who was just 3 years of age when he gained his wings due to a rare brain condition. He was a big supercar fan so every year since his family have put on an amazing event to raise money for charity, this year being the Chestnut Tree House charity.

With over100 supercars parked up there was a lot to see, and Lilly was very lucky to be able to sit in three different types of Super cars, a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a Maclaren. A few of the cars revved there engines to show off them. 
There was a cake sale and other fundraising bits to the back of the event for the Chestnut tree house along with many collection buckets. The family also brung there VW FireTruck which has been converted for children to play in and around. I have just read that this event has raised £5,408.12 for the charity, which is amaing.

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