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Toddler Tuesday | Our Fav books

So I thought I would do a few weekly blogs for you. This one is toddler Tuesday. Here are mine and Lilly's favourite books to read together.
Firstly is a rhyming book from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. This is a book of searching thought furniture (flaps) for Mr fox's missing socks. Lilly loves lifting the flaps and it's such an easy read, especially with its rhymes. 

Secondly I am going to mention a classic book, The very hungry caterpillar. This was a favourite of mine when I was young and just had to get it for Lilly. It teaches about how butterfly's are made too which I like. Lilly loves the pictures and pointing out the food she knows.

Next is an Osborne touchy-feely book. That's not my monkey. Lilly loves monkeys anyway so this is always a winner, she likes to feel the different textures and point out body parts. One let down for me is the last monkey looks like he has a beard rather than a fluffy belly. lol

Lastly is a duo of books from the Peppa Pig range,…

April Favourites.

It's that time of the month again when its time to share my favourite products of April.

First is the Avon colourtrend concealer in the shade light. I have never used concealer before but have fallen in love with this, especially after a bad night with Lilly lol. It covers up my darks eyes and blemishes really well and at only £1.50 its a bargain too.

Next is my deodorant which has changed this month, Sure Aqua crystal invisible. I may have found my new favourite deodorant, it smells so nice and seems to work well for me. I also like the way the can in compressed, kinda makes me think I'm helping the planet a little. 

My next favourite is Batiste dry shampoo in Blush. I wish I'd found this product before. I originally brought this for going camping but used it the other day. It really refreshes the roots and smells so nice. I have brought the travel can for obvious reasons but will continue to use this product in the future. 

Next is Soup and glory scrub 'em and leave '…

Keeping a toddler amused

I thought that I would share a few ideas with you to keep toddlers entertained. Not an easy task I know.

Firstly we love playing with water, getting a good old washing up bowl and a few thing to pour from, also a towel on the floor is a good idea lol. Lilly will play in this for so long, also its free.

Next is a cheap idea, just pasta and a few plastic bowls, cups and anything else to transfer the pasta to and from. Lilly loves making noise with the pasta, and is also good for hand eye coordination. Simple yet effective.

Lastly is another cheap idea, water beads, 99p off ebay for two packs. I put Lilly in the bath with some old clothes and just let her play with them in there. A good sensory thing to do with them. And pretty good fun too, bounce them, roll them and generally enjoy. 

Hope this gives you a couple of things to do.
Viki  X

Our Easter 2014

HAPPY EASTER I hope you all had a brilliant Easter and got lots of chocolate.

As you can see we have all been very spoilt with chocolate, and other bits. we all have a lot of treats to work though. I have also got a few bargains for next year, I know way ahead of myself lol.

We started the day off with Lilly looking though her Easter basket, she loved getting all the items out and having a look at them all separately, especially her egg lol, chocolate on the brain. 

To finish the day we made some chocolate nests with mini eggs. Lilly loved putting the eggs in, nicking a couple in the process hehe. All in all a lovely day with family, gifts and chocolate.
Thanks for reading and a very Happy Easter 
Viki x

Style Sunday, Well Monday

I thought I would do this a day late as we were away for the weekend watching BDC (another blog to come) and we calebrated Easter today. 

Today I wore my yellow R&D fashion flowing top, with a salmon pink New Look vest top underneath (for dignity). My jeans are from Denim Co, in grey. I thought that this outfit was quite Easter like with the bright yellow colours.

Lilly wore a pink top from NEXT, with her new pink and beige striped cardigan from H&M. She also wore white tights and a pair of black and white shorts. I loved this outfit on her, so spring like and she looked so cute.

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter
Viki x

7 inch quiche recipe

I deiced to make a healthier option of quiche and thought I'd share the recipe with you.

Recipe: Pastry 145g Plain flour Pinch of salt 55g of cubed margarin 3 tbs of cold water

Filling 1 egg
30g cheese 150ml milk 1 onion Any other ingredients you want to add.
1. Preheat oven at gas mark 5 or 190oc 2. place flour and salt into bowl and mix in margarine in so that the mixture resembles breadcrumbs

3. Add water to mixture to bind the pastry together.  4. Roll out and line a 7 inch pastry tin with pastry.

5. Prepare filling, mix the eggs with the cheese and milk and season if required.
6. Fry off onions and other ingredients you wish to add then place on top of the pastry, top with the liquid mixture and season.
7. Bake in the over for 30-35 mins until golden brown. 
Thanks for reading
Viki x

19 Months update

I can't believe Lolly has just turned 19 months old. Unbelievable.

She says so much now and pretty much copies every single word she hears. The good ones and the bad ones :(.
She is still in 12-18 month clothing and size 3.5 shoes so still very diddy bless her.

She knows so many animal noises now and many of her body parts. She also tells us if she has hurt herself and shows us where, so adorable.
She suprises me everyday, and makes me proud every day, even if we have our moments lol
Thanks for reading

Style Sunday

It's Sunday again, and time for style Sunday, again I'm in a relaxed, comfy outfit.

Today I am wearing a long white top from Sassy, this top is so comfy and love the length. The top also had writing on the back which I cannot remember. I am also wearing F&F jeans in Navy as usual lol.

Lilly's outfit today was a Jasper Conran navy blue dress, I put these with a pair of navy blue tights. She also had some purple shoes which are adorable. Sorry the picture isn't great but she wasn't in a picture mood.

Thanks for reading.
Viki x

Easter Basket

It's almost Easter and saw this beautiful idea from ohsoamelia of an Easter basket and changed it to fit with our ideas.

So firstly the basket is from poundland, I thought the colours were bright and pretty, and her Easter egg this year is a kinder surprise one, with a free Polly pocket. 

This is a beautiful handmade item from beebiesbabystore. I am so happy that I ordered this and love the way that you can personalize you item. You can choose from a range of colours of which I went for lilac to match Lilly's basket.

These gorgeous finger puppets were made by a family friend, I love the detailing on these and the quality is outstanding. These also have mini eggs in them too just to add to the Easter present idea. 

Lastly is a little bunny which Lilly's nanny got her last Easter, if you press its tummy it makes a bouncy noise which is so cute, and I believe just finishes off the basket perfectly.
Thanks for reading and Happy Easter.
Viki x

Tales of motherhood

Don't ever take motherhood for granted. Don't let any memory pass you by. Take every opportunity to smile with your child. Play, make mess, take photos, laugh! 

I will always miss the struggle of opening your eyes, or the stretching of those tiny fingers. I will miss the sleepy smiles and the first chuckles of play. I will miss your speedy walker and your commando crawl.

I will remember your grasp on my finger. I will remember your first taste of food. I will remember your first step alone.
I will always remember the 4am feed, the TV programs that melt into one. From casino to house doctor to animal SOS. 
Where did my baby go?  Where has this little girl come from? 

Cherish your child. Never take for granted. Enjoy there childhood, they only get one. Love beyond words, and share it with them.


Style Sunday

I know it's been a few weeks since my last/first one but here we go again. 

So my outfit of the day was a salmon pink top from Dorothy Perkins. This top is so comfy to wear and has a nice design on but one drawback is the sleeves, my jeans were from F&F Tesco. 
For my accessories I have on my me2you locket which Liam got my a few years back and I also have some Pearl stud earings in. 

Lilly was wearing a cute pink jumper from Primark, such a cute jumper with it's doggy detail. Her strip leggings are from TU Sainsburys. 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed 
Viki x

March Favourites

I know it's a few days late but here is my March favourites finally.

To start with is my favourite product ever! Soup and glory hand food. I love it, and so do my hands, they are so smooth and soft after every application, they have helps my scar heal better than anything else I have used. The hand food smells amazing and is not greasy at all which is a huge bonus.

Next is my Dentyl mouthwash, it is my everyday mouthwash and I wouldn't change it at all. I hate the own brand and more popular mouthwash's myself and have settled with this one for a while now. The taste isn't too strong for me and my teeth feel so clean after which the long lasting fresh breath.

my first facial product is the Pro formula cleansing facial wash. This is Tesco's own face wash and is only £1 so really good price. I've noticed that my skin wasn't looking as fresh anymore so thought i'd find a new face wash and see how it goes. This product does not lather up and kinda forms a mask …

Spring forward with a toddler?

Its the time of year some parents dread, the clocks changing. I know I did but here's how I have coped with the Spring change
The nights are lighter and the whole idea of the hour being different is hard for a toddler to understand.
I have tried to keep Lilly in exactly the same routing as before, so dinner at 6pm and be at 7:30 which seems to have worked so far. 

I thought the first night was going to be terrible as it was still light in her room and the night before it was obviously only 6:30pm. So I sorted her bottle, read her a story and closed the curtains (as we do together every night), got her to say goodnight to Daddy and took her to her room. She climbed in and I gave her her bottle and sat by her which I do. To my surprise she was asleep before the end of her bottle.
I am so happy that it worked out for us like that, I hope it hasn't been to bad for you. Let me know.
Viki x