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Toddler outfits | Holiday edition

Two outfits that I really loved for Lilly were the two party din both esses that she wore when we went up to the clubhouse.
This first outfit is definitely set for a princess and the little tiara just finishes it perfectly. The dress itself is from Primark, the top part has a little cat on it. The cardigan is from Nutmeg which Nanny brought for her for our holiday and her shoes are from H&M that she has had for a while. We got the tiara whilst on camp for just £1 in the character shop.

This second outfit is equally gorgeous, she loves this dress herself. The dress is from H&M and has a netted piano the whole way around with leather looking hands at the front as if someone playing. Her midi cardigan was also from H&M and has glittery thread though it. I didn't have any really smart shoes for her to wear and she chose to wear the panda wellies that we got her from F&F at Tesco.

I may be biased but I think she looks absoloutly beautiful in both pictures. She is a lit…

Bank holiday fun | Laughton cuckoo fayre and banger racing

We had a very busy and family orientated bank holiday weekend. We visited the Laughton country show and cuckoo fayre and Arlighton stadium for micro madness, four a side team banger racing. 
It was so nice to have sone time with just me and my litttle family. To get out of the house and treat our little girl to some well deserved days out.
so Sunday we travelled about an hour to get to Laughton where we had a lot to see. The cuckoo fayre was amazing.
They had a fun fair just inside the main gate with rides for all ages. Lilly went on the chairoplanes and a little car roundabout. She loved both of them but they wete priced a little high.

There were so many vehicles to look round, campers, agricultural, vintage cars and bikes, ex army, I think you'd have to go all three days to see everything there. There were also a couple of experiences you could have Iincluding a 4x4 course and a ride in a tank. Me and Liam did the later as Lilly didn't want to. She watched with Nanny and wa…

7 Years together

Seven years ago today me and Liam got together and we were engaged just 3 1/2 months later.
we have been through so much since that day 7 years ago and he has always stood by me. We have had more arguements than most, been through a miscarriage and had a successful pregnancy and we have come out the other end stronger each time. 
My man means the world to me and has helped me through a lot of grief and with my panic disorder. He works incredibly hard to keep us afloat and always knows how to make us smile. 
I don't tell him enough how much we both appreciate him but I hope he knows how much we do. 
Seven years down the line and we finally are more settled than any other time. We still argue like cat and dog, we make each other laugh and we are always there for each other.
My best friend and future husband.


World of country life

When in Devon we took a trip to the World of Country life. There was so much to do there, something for everyone. 
At the World of country life there were animals of all sorts, vehicle museum and steam museum, also play areas for the children (or big kids like me and Liam). 

The first part that we looked round was all about farming machines and the way they used to work. They were all working and and the mini train had all moving parts. We then went into a section of little scenes and costumes from the past. We then entered a little village row with shops and a public house to look in.

There were many animals to see including deer, rhias, pigs, donkeys, cows, sheep, goats and a little nursery full of baby rabbits and cute chicks. Lilly was very unsure of the larger animals but the baby goats were definitely her cup of tea.

They also had a birds of prey display, we saw  a hawk and an owl. The owl was amazing and actually flew over our heads, we even got a little tap from the owls wing…

OOTD | Holiday edition

I was treated by my man to a clothing haul before we went away and this was one of the looks that I was able to pull together for an evening up the club house.
The main part is a peach play suit from 'Select'. Its very lacy and I was so unsure of this but the picture made me love it so much. This was in the sale from just £7.99
My cardigan is just an old one from New Look. I've had this for ages and just thought it would add a bit more of a casual look.
To finish the look I just had some black tights and a pair of peach pumps from Primark, they cost me just £4.

I absoloutly love this look and am so glad I picked this up.

Haven Holidays | Devon Cliffs, Exmouth

This time last week we were in Exmouth, Devon at Havens Devon cliffs. This camp is situated with access to Sandy bay which is a beautiful bay with red cliffs surrounding the large sandy beach.

We went with my parents who are both in wheelchairs so we lived in an adapted caravan for the week. It was one of the best caravans that we have had on a haven camp and I could quite happily have lived there. 
Our caravan had centeral heating, beds made up on arrival, fridge freezer, double glazing, and electric (which was perfect for Lillys early mornings) and everything else expected Iin a static caravan.
This camp has a large arcade and a soft play area when we get rainy days. There were many outside play areas and a nature trail for the better days. They have a large indoor swimming pool with a splash zone, flumes and slides. You can also hire Segways to use on camp.

Devon Cliffs has many food venues including the Mash and Barrel restaurant, this was a little pricy thought. There was also a…

Toddler outfit of the day | sunshine ☀

Today was a pretty hot day and we had to travel a bit for an appointment so I though that I would put Lilly in a light weight outfit with her hair in pig tails out of the way. Again I thought she looked so cute so had to share it with you. Maybe I'm just biased.

Her top is Miniclub from Boots, I believe that I was given this top a while ago but it's certainly something that I would buy outright. Its was quite a stretchy material so gave her a bit of movement.
Her leggings are from the Morrison's nutmeg range again, as you can tell I love Nutmeg range lol. These are really cute with the stripes again but I thought the colour was very appropriate for the weather being such bright colours.
Lastly are her shoes, I am not sure where they are from as they were given to me from a friend. the shoes have Peppa pig on which Lilly obviously loves, me not so much, but the shoes are really cute and very breathable. 
I think her outfit is so cute for this time of year and she suits it …

Mayday | Jack in the green and Bike run

Every year in our town on May day the air is filled with the smell of petrol and oil and the streets are full of bikers and green people. 
We have an annual celebration of spring called Jack in the Green. This is, I believe to banish the winter and welcome this spring. We have drummers,  morris dancers and many people dressed in green for the parade, I have taken part a few times and my Dad and Brother still do. Hence the photo below.
We managed to see most of the parade, seeing many morris dancing groups and a few drumming groups, some that I had never seen before and of course Sambalanca. 

The other thing that happens in town is the May day bike meet, thousands of bikes travel from all over the country to our little town every May day. Some of the bikes are absoloutly amazing, the paintwork or even just the uniqueness of the bikes I is imemse and the noise is extraodinary, especially when there revving or doing a burnout. I would so love to have a bike to be I involved In this and …