Toddler outfit of the day | sunshine ☀

Today was a pretty hot day and we had to travel a bit for an appointment so I though that I would put Lilly in a light weight outfit with her hair in pig tails out of the way. Again I thought she looked so cute so had to share it with you. Maybe I'm just biased.

Her top is Miniclub from Boots, I believe that I was given this top a while ago but it's certainly something that I would buy outright. Its was quite a stretchy material so gave her a bit of movement.

Her leggings are from the Morrison's nutmeg range again, as you can tell I love Nutmeg range lol.
These are really cute with the stripes again but I thought the colour was very appropriate for the weather being such bright colours.

Lastly are her shoes, I am not sure where they are from as they were given to me from a friend. the shoes have Peppa pig on which Lilly obviously loves, me not so much, but the shoes are really cute and very breathable. 

I think her outfit is so cute for this time of year and she suits it very well.



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