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Losing my Mum | 2 months on

I was never expecting to lose my mum at the age of 25, I don't think anyone does, but my mum was always so strong, conquered so much and fought so many illnesses and obstacles that in my head she was invincible.
I don't quite know how to process my feelings lately because I know at the end she was very unwell and had a great way of hiding it but she is my mum, I need her so much. She has literally been the person who I have been able to open up to about everything, she was my best friend and my guide.
Sometimes I think that I am relieved that she is not in pain anymore but most of the time I hate that she is not around anymore, I will never get a phone call about an ambulance that has rolled in on to there estate or a moan about Dad, I will never watch Lil's hold on to the back of her mobility scooter laughing her head off again.
I am so proud of the women who brought me up, she was an incredible lady who touched a lot of hearts and proved a lot of professionals wrong.…

Toad in the Hole | Recipe

I have been really into cooking from scratch more lately, it has been taking my mind off of things and making me feel quite proud of myself. my latest is a family favourite and is now a staple in our house, which I certainly don't mind.
I have finally learnt how to create a tasty toad in the hole after learning how to make basic Yorkshire puddings too. This is ridiculously simple to make and I am kicking myself a bit for not trying before. This takes about 45 minutes in total to create with only five main ingredients. This serves 2-3 people easily.
Serving suggestion.
- 5-6 Sausages - 140g Plain Flour - 2 Eggs - 175ml Milk - Salt and Pepper - Oil
1. Preheat your oven to Gas Mark 7/ 220oC, pour a layer or oil into a roasting tin and place in the oven. 2. Once heated add the sausages and cook for around 15 minutes to brown off. Whilst the sausages are cooking you can create the batter. 3. Mix the Flour, Salt and Pepper together  in a bowl and create a well in the centre.…