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Valentine's day

Hope all of you had a brilliant Valentine's day. I just had a quite one in with my hubby to be :) 
On Friday we watched a film together with a pizza and garlic bread and exchanged presents a few hours early lol. We watched American Pie the reunion which was actually pretty good.

I got a beautiful card and a midnight Jasmine Yankee candle as a present, which smells amazing and looks perfect on my bedside table. I was surprised that he got this for me but her knows me too well lol.

So for Valentine's dinner we made homemade bolognese with garlic bread and cheese. It wasn't the best but we both ate it. We also watched the voice together and he ran me a nice bath with our hohomemade bath bombs (blog post soon).

It was a nice quiet day together and a lovely evening. I hope you all had a fantastic Valentines weather you are with someone or single.

Quickies Eye makeup remover pads

So Ibwas sent this cute little pack of eye make up removee pads feom quickies with a free sample of 4 in 1 facial wipes. What I would say is so far so good! 

These pads are about 4-5cm in diameter I would say and are textured with raised parts. They have enough moisture in them for them to be effective but not too wet they they leave you eyes are dripping.
I used one pad per eye to remove makeup of the day, this included about three layers of mascara in the end along with eye shadow and eye liner. 
I was a little nervous about how well there would work, as have struggled to find a product that removes my make up without leaving some or making my eyes sore.
I was pleasently surprised at how easy they removed my make up and with such little effort just a few wipes over my eyes across the worst bits and then cleaning up the panda eyes after.
It took me about minute max to remove most of it The first time.There was a slight bit left after but I thinl that was caused by havin more than on…

10 facts about me

Just some silly facts for you I thought that I would share 10 facts about me and my life

1. I have been on stage in pantomimes and plays since I was 4. 2. I found out I was pregnant with Lilly In the middle of the Mediterranean sea on the MSC Splendida. 3. I first went abroad in 2004 with my school to the South of France. 4. I said 'Yes' to my fiance on the 5th of September 2008 at just 17. 5. My favourite holiday location so far in Llandudno in North Wales. 6. I gave birth to my daughter on the 14th of September 2012, she weighed 6.11. 7. I left school with 8 C's and 2 D's in my GCSE's. 8. Both my parents are in wheelchairs, my Mum has been as long as I can remember. 9. I have a half brother, a half sister and three nieces 10. I once owned a moped which broke after about 3 months of use.

Just some silly little facts for you all :)