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Halloween 2014

I know it's a few days after Halloween but I wanted to share with you what we got up to. We had a fantastic day with lots of different activities to keep Lilly busy. 
Firstly we went to Tesco where we got Lilly's face painted as a pumpkin for charity and got a photo taken to. So lots of memories. She sat so still when having her face done, she was amazing.
I did Lilly a little Halloween bucket with a few bits in. We had a Peppa pig Halloween sticker book, so biscuits to decorate, so chocolate, and some orange paint for our handprint spider.
Lilly decorated her pumpkin biscuit with icing and sugar balls. I helped with the icing but she loved putting the sugar balls onnto the icing.
Lilly loves doing handprints so thought I would tie it in with Halloween and made a spider out of them. It's not the best but Lilly enjoyed it and made a lovely mess. Bless her.
Lastly we finished off with pumpkin carving. Lilly helped scooped out the inards with a spoon. I thought that I would …

Potty training time

So I feel in me that Lilly is ready for potty training, she uses the potty al part every day once or twice and now feel that it is time to get the ball rolling.

Last week I brought a couple of items to get us on our way, firstly was a pack of 18-14 month briefs, just the cheap and cheerful ones beacuse I know accidents are going to happen. These were only £3 from F&F (Tesco)
I then also brought a pack of dry like me. These were on offer at £2 a box. There little pads to go into briefs. I thought these would be good to try out. 
Lilly will use the potty mainly before bed, or just after she has woken. I have been rewarding her with lots lf praise and a sticker for her chart to show her how many times she has managed to use it.
We have also used a couple of the dry like me, the first time she hated it but the second time was completely different. Both times she has told me to late bless her. She gets so angry and upset at herself.
Fingers crossed potty training goes smoothly.

Toddler books | Bedtime favourites

Reading Lilly her story before bed is a big part of our day, a constant really. So I thought that I would share our favourite books, the ones that Lilly asks for often.
Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler our favourites of ours. This is the latest book we have which isn't the same as most of them. The main bit that rhymes is th's song the giant sings through the book. This is quite a sweet story and shows how a little thing can go a long way.
The next is a book that most people have heard of, Dear Zoo. ThThis is so good for teaching animals, we also made the animal noises so that Lilly could learn them, she now makes the noises and names the animals as we read through the book.
This next book shows a poor mum who just needs a few minutes to herself. I love the way that the children all have there own way of causing trouble. The story is such a cute idea as i can realate to the book as I am sure a lot of other mums can.
These are three book that I pretty much know every word to and …