Halloween 2014

I know it's a few days after Halloween but I wanted to share with you what we got up to. We had a fantastic day with lots of different activities to keep Lilly busy. 

Firstly we went to Tesco where we got Lilly's face painted as a pumpkin for charity and got a photo taken to. So lots of memories. She sat so still when having her face done, she was amazing.

I did Lilly a little Halloween bucket with a few bits in. We had a Peppa pig Halloween sticker book, so biscuits to decorate, so chocolate, and some orange paint for our handprint spider.

Lilly decorated her pumpkin biscuit with icing and sugar balls. I helped with the icing but she loved putting the sugar balls onnto the icing.

Lilly loves doing handprints so thought I would tie it in with Halloween and made a spider out of them. It's not the best but Lilly enjoyed it and made a lovely mess. Bless her.

Lastly we finished off with pumpkin carving. Lilly helped scooped out the inards with a spoon. I thought that I would just do quite a traditional face which was easy to do. 

I hope you all had a brilliant Halloween, now the Christmas Prep begins. 



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