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Lilly loves shopkins

We have a new family joining our house in the way of Shopkins. Lilly's been watching videos of people unboxing these things for a few months now along with surprise eggs and advent calenders.

We asked her to look for a magazine she just kept going to the shopkins one which came with one, she now has 10 of them and loves to introduce them to each other when she gets new ones.
Tonight we have played by doing rple play with them and getting them to talk to each other and hug each other. 
We have a small box to keep them safe on with the list to tick off when you get them.
It's super cute that she has this little obsession (her first of many) and it's so nice to see her interact with them and learn there names too.
Lets see how long it lasts lol

5 Things I want to achieve this year | 2016

A little bit late but wanted to share the 5 main things that I want to ahieve in 2016

Pass my driving test
This is my main goal for the year, my driving test. This is super important to me for being able to explore more and not be stuck on the same track, have some independence. I also can wait to take lilly to nursery and pick her up from nursery not having to worry about buses. I am super excited for this and can't wait to get on the road.
Visit the Harry Potter studios
Another big thing for me which I have been waiting to do for years now. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and have been for many years. I feel like this is the year I may be able to achieve this and save some money for he tickets. 
Be Happier
I notice myself that I am still a very inward person and like to hold my emotions im a much as possible which makes me quite a miserable person to be around when I am in that weird place. I really want to be able to be happier and smile more.
Lose weight
I need to lose a bit of weig…

MSC Splendida look back | 14/1/12 | Back home & Our ship

Our last day started off quite early where we finished off packing and left our suitcases where they were required then went and waited in the theatre to wait to be sorted for our coaches.
I was quite sad to be leaving the ship but couldn't wait to get home and see my parents and also start planning for our Lil's.
We had an amazing time and I would certainly recommended a cruise if you loke variety. The food was great and the staff were incredibly friendly. 
Our flight bacl was just as exciting as our trip out but on pur return we learnt that the Costa Concordia had sunk off of an island near Civitavecchia. Later we heard that some were lost in this terrible accident.
I want to leave this post which some pictures from pur beautiful boat. 

Thank you MSC.

MSC Splendida look back | 13/1/12 | Expensive town of Marseille

Our last port before Genoa again was Marseille, France. This place is absoloutly beautiful with a lovely harbour too. We didnt stay to long though. 
We got a coach into the main part of Marseille where we started to have a look around. We looked in a fair few gift shops and ended up buying some very random things.

We went to have a look for a place for sone lunch, my other half choose MacDonald's, he walked in and walked straight back out again. The price in there was crazy, a meal cost almost £10 each.
There were some veru random things thrre too, some of the shop windows were dressed pddly to what I am used to I suppose. There was a beautiful carousel in the middle of the pavement, and a strange train shop that wasn't open and looked quite shabby. 
We decided to makr our way back to the boat but had to wait for the bus to come back. We found a local coffee shop and asked for 4 coffees, these turned out to be espresso's. I drank it but now looking back I think omg, I was…

MSC Splendida look back | 12/1/12 | Proper tourist and stolen camera

This was one the days that I was looking forward to, Civitavecchia, which is tbe port for the link to Rome.
We got to the port and walked along the promenade to find the station for Rome. Alobg the promenade there was this magnificent statue of the Sailor kissing which I believe is in quite a famous painting.

The train took about 40 minutes and was actually a double decker train, so strange. There weren't a lot of seats though so me and Liam ended up standing most of the way.
Once off the train we followed the crown to Vatican which was so beautiful. The architecture and just the atmosphere around there was incredible. Even down to the nativity and thr strange police golf buggy looking thing.
We then went across a beautiful ornate bridge where the grim reaper was standing thrre for photos. I got my photo done with him but never actually saw the picture.
We then visited the Trevi fountaib with was absolutely beautiful. It was so crowded though but we did end up getting some photos…

MSC Splendida look back | 11/1/12 | A ride on a camel

The next port was Tunisia. We got woken up just as we were coming into port by the sound of music, it was very surreal. We ordered our breakfast to be brought to our cabin that morning so ate on the balcony. 
On port side there were dancers, camels, a small band and peopke to welcome up. We sat and watched and waved too. As we were not going any further than the port area we took our time with breakfast and getting ready for the day.

Once on port side we were greated by some lovely people who were watching camels. They asked if we wanted to take a ride around the port side, which  of course we said yes too. It was €10 for it but an experience which I will never forget. The ride was awfully bumpy but it was so much fun.

After that we had a look in the shops by the port and brought a couple of goodies and took some pictures to of the local area.
We made our way back to the ship after about half a hour. There was still some dancers outside so we stood and watched them for a while. 

MSC Splendida look back | 10/1/12 | Mums birthday from Malta

The 10th of January, my Mum's birthday. I had felt kind of bad not being home for it but she was happy that I was getting such an amazing opportunity.
We arrived in Malta today to a beautiful view so we decided to sit in the buffet area to watch us pull into port and enjoy our breakfast. Every door was a different colour ans most actually turned out to be little shops selling nic nacs.

When we got off the ship we have a little walk to get to the buses for a tojr of the island. Whilst waitong we saw an old style bus which is actually quite common in Malta. The whole island is like stepping back in time.
Our bus driver was crazy, he was going so fast at points and we got so cold sitting on top of a tour bus but had a beautiful view. We got off in a few places.
One of these places is famous for coloured glass, we only looked in the shop there but me and Liam picked up a beautiful little candle holder which whas purple, red and white and in the shape of a heart.

When then stopped of …

MSC Splendida look back | 9/1/12 | Pregnant and Formal evening

The 9th of January 2012 was a very surreal day for me.
We woke late this day as we had a day at sea, I knew that I was 2 days late and had brought a test with me so that I could check when away. At about 10am I took the test and within one minute it had shown a positive result. I was ridiculously exciting and we were so hapoy after what had happened the previous year.

I had been taking pre natals and been watching what I drank from the off set so it was certainly welcome news and I felt a lot more confident.
We spent the day relaxing and just taking a look around the ship itself while we had then chance. We even put on our dressing gowns and headed to the hot tub at the back of the boat. Just to sit in there and relax whilst out at sea was so refreshing.
After that we went to the main hall to have lunchx which was always a buffet lunch, there was such a wide variety of food and thr main bit that I liked was the quiche they did.
We then went back to searching the ship and found the sp…

MSC Splendida look back | 8/1/12 | Tapas in Barcelona

Out next stop was Barcelona, I absoloutly loved this place. We had to get a coach from the port to the shopping area which took us near a cute little market which sold so any nick nacks.
There was a few street statues/characters around like the the Roman (pic below) and a man dressed as the mad hatter too. 
There was also a lot of little kiosks about where you got buy souvenirs and chocolate too.

There was some random things like little men on the water in a very strange pose (pic below) and two escelators in the shoppong centre were turned off to create a nativity scene from the top to the bottom.
We had lunch at a beautiful tapas bar right on the edge of the port area so we could watch the boats go past. The food was lovely and I actually ordered in Spanish too,my GCSE paid off for once.
My other half is quite fussy with his food so we found a MacDonalds for him, the only issue we had was trying to tell them 'No Salad' so that they could understand.

The architecture in Barc…

MSC Splendida look back | 7/1/12 | Travelling to Genoa

The first day was mainly travelling to the airport and then onto the ship.
We left at 5am in the morning to make our flight, I decided to wear high heels and had to change the moment I got to Gatwick as my feet were killing me.
When we got there we checked in with plenty of time to spare so went to one of the cafes to have some breakfast. I had a sausage sandwich with a flag stuck in the middle and a coffee.

We had a bit of a time to wait so just looked around the shops and kept looking out for our gate to be called. 
When our plane was finally called we had a long walk to our gate and another wait at the other end. 
I had never flown in a big plane before but only in a light aircraft back in 2006, so it had been a long time. 
When on the plane I had a bit of a moment when we were taxying away but once on the runway I was fine and couldn't wait ti take off. The feeling when you take off is immense, such an amazing feeling. I could bit stop smiling th who flight and got an amazing…

A week of remanising | MSC Splendida

Hello, I know at some point last year I did a post on our MSC Splendida cruise but I wanted to do a more detailed, day by day version. not only for your guys but for us remembering what an amazing week we had. I can't believe that four years has passed since we took this magical adventure but I would highly recommended a cruise to anyone. 

I had an absoloutly fantastic time and want to remember every part of the experience.
I hope you enjoy the next week of posts.