MSC Splendida look back | 13/1/12 | Expensive town of Marseille

Our last port before Genoa again was Marseille, France. This place is absoloutly beautiful with a lovely harbour too. We didnt stay to long though. 

We got a coach into the main part of Marseille where we started to have a look around. We looked in a fair few gift shops and ended up buying some very random things.

We went to have a look for a place for sone lunch, my other half choose MacDonald's, he walked in and walked straight back out again. The price in there was crazy, a meal cost almost £10 each.

There were some veru random things thrre too, some of the shop windows were dressed pddly to what I am used to I suppose. There was a beautiful carousel in the middle of the pavement, and a strange train shop that wasn't open and looked quite shabby. 

We decided to makr our way back to the boat but had to wait for the bus to come back. We found a local coffee shop and asked for 4 coffees, these turned out to be espresso's. I drank it but now looking back I think omg, I was pregnant and drank a shot of strong coffee.

Back on the ship we enjoyed our last night by playing bowling, Liam used the F1 simulator and we almost went into the 4D cinema but had to make an excuse to Liams Dad as to why we couldn't go in. We also had a lovely meal in the buffet restaurant and enjoyed the view from our balcony for one last night.

The sunset that night was beautiful and really finished off our adventure beautifully.

Marseille was beautiful but I wouldn't venture there again in a hurry. 

I couldn't believe that our trip was coming to an end. I had had a wonderful time and didn't want it to end. 



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