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Hellingly Festival of Transport • Summer Holiday Project 2016

I have finally got around to writing my post from the weekend. We went camping again but this time we were in a caravan which was so much nicer.
We arrived to the camping field on the Friday which was baking hot. We arrived at about 2pm and sorted out our caravan for the weekend. Sadly we couldn't do much playing outside the caravan as the field was an old wheat field and the stalks were quite sharp where it had been harvested. The rest of the Friday was set up really.
Saturday was another scorcher but we decided to head over to the show field to have a look at what was there. The field was literally packed which really suprised me.
The vehicles over there ranged from military to farming to vintage, so many things to see and I am so glad we could go a second day. 

Lil's absolutely loved all the vintage cars and military vehicles. She had so time with Nanny and Grandad whilst me and Liam where taking photos at the start. It was ridiculously hot but Lilly still loved her couple…

Mummy + Me • August 2016

My blog has been a little quiet from my Summer holiday posts but I have been away camping again, blog post to follow.
So we are at the end of August which means its time for a Mummy + Me post. We have had such a fun filled month but sadly at the beginning my other half lost his job.
During this month we have had to camping holidays which were amazing. Both times were super cheap but super fun too with great company. We attended Rural past times and Hellingly festival of transport and also had a lovely afternoon on the pier.

This month Lilly seems to have grown so much, maybe it is because of the experiences we have had over our weekends away but I still can't seem to get into my head that Lil's will be 4 in two weeks. 
I have just a couple of weeks left with Lil's until she is back at nursery and I hope that we can give her a brilliant end to het summer holidays. 

Making fossils • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #31

Today we spent a couple of VERY warm hours on Hastings pier, enjoying the sunshine and having a catch up with my Mum and Dad. 
We started off with lunch at the chippy on there, we had chips and curry sauce again, the curry sauce is amazing and you get so many chips too.
Afterwards Lil's had her first ride on a merry go round, I had to go on as weel as she was tok small, not that I am conplaining. It was lovely to hear and see the elation on her face.

Afterwards we needed to find some shade as the sun was incredibly hot, we found that inside there was some family crafts activities to do. We ended up making a fossil out of a coffee dough. I didn't copy the recipe down but have found the same sort of thing online

- 1 cup of used coffee grounds - 1/2 cup of cold coffee - 1/2 cup of salt - 1 cup of flour - waxed paper.
You mix all the dry ingredients together to make a dough, slowly add the cold coffee so not to make it too runny. Once the dough is complete place on the waxed pape…

New brakes and Nanny's teddy • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #30

This is quite a short post but another day anither fix for my car, again its a cheap on but important, the brakes. 
My morning started off with yet another trip to Euro car parts to pick the brakes up and then get the housework done before waking my other half.

We headed over to Nanny's where we have a handstand drive to work on cars if need be and I helped by being the tool runner, Lil's was playing with Nanny and buddy which was super cute. 
Once the brakes were done we took a trip to get some gas for the weekend as we may be going camping again. It was so hot in the car but Liam had to help as they were to heavy for his Mum to carry.
He is the right odd job bloke.

We got back, had some lunch and a drink to cool down, Lilly ended up cuddling Nanny's teddy which is as old as her. We played in the garden a bit and soaked up the sun.
All in all a busy and hot day.

Currently Reading #2 • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I am back again with a currently reading, and yes its another Harry Potter book. I never actually finished reading the Philosopher's stone but I just couldn't resist starting the new book. 
I started reading this book on the 5th of August and am already pretty much half way though. Considering how much of a slow reader I am thats good for me.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a follow on story from the Harry Potter series, it is set 19 years later with Harry Potters child Albus is the main character. The book is written in script form with staging ideas too.

So far it is a brilliant book, a real page turner, the only issue is is that it makes me want to go a see the show in London.

Lego friends and birthday ideas • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #29

We have had a poorly Daddy today so Lil's has been finding every way to cheer him up those afternoon.
Going back to this morning though, I decided that instead of hiding away in the front room trying not to wake Daddy we would take a well needed trip to our local town, I had a couple of chores to do and it would kill a bit of time.
Firstly I tried to get some paperwork sorted but sadly couldn't, so a little bit of a wasted wait there but the rest if the time was well used. I picked up a glass milk bottle from poundstretcher for a stocking filled (I know its early) and also managed to get one of Lil's birthday presents without her seeing what it was.

When we got home Daddy had just got out of bed and looks a little healthier so we all had some lunch and have had a really chilled afternoon.
He asked if I could run down the road for something and I got loads of other little jobs done at the same time, like a pharmacy run and a charity shop run. 
When we got back Lil's as…

Trying new food • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #28

Today Lilly tried some new food which I am super proud of. For a while no she has started to get picky with her food and I kind of let her which is obviously not the best thing to do. 
On the first day of camping we had meat pie as a family and after a few persuations Lilly ate about 4 bits of beef steak from inside the pie along with the pastry too. 
Since then I have told myself that I need to help her try new things. She had a jacket spud with cheese the other day which she ate with out and fuss. So I told hed about sweet and sour chicken.

When shopping the other day I picked up a jar of sweet and sour sauce and some chicken and got some fresh rice today from Aldi. At lunch I told her what she was having and she didn't sound too happy. 
Dinner time came and I started cooking fhe chicken and rice, I also set up the big table so we could eat together and she could see that I liked the food and was eating it too. Once the chicken was cooked I added the sauce and then once heated …

Magic painting and mini hairdressers • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #27

We haven't ventured far from home today, only to the village for some shopping, but we have had a nice day in and I seem to have got a lot done.
We  had to take an early trip to the village as our electricity ran out :( but we got a few other bits whilst down there to cover us for the rest of the day and Lil's got a 'Magic' spoon in her cereal so she was well chuffed.
After we got back I started on the housework with the washing up, putting a wash on and folding, Lil's always puts her owm clothes away which is a huge help and earns her a sticker towards a prize.

After lunch I started to edit my weekly vlog and Lil's came and joined me. We ended up dpingso magic painting with water, she got this with her peppa pig magazine the other day and at first could not understand why I said no to getting th paint out, she soon got the idea of just using water.
Whilst letting thay dry we did some colouring and practised writing her name, she gets a little confused sometim…

Car fixed & Free fruit • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #24 - #25

Yesterday was a fail with my project but we really didn't do a lot and Lil's out of for a while with Nanny as we had a meeting and by the time Lil's got home it was her dinner time. 
Today on the other hand was just a very slow paced day. Liam actually gave me a lie in, ths first in just over 2 years, I felt amazing and I think Liam enjoyed getting up with Lil's even though he'll never admit it.
I woke up at 9am and he made me a coffee too, I felt like a princess haha. Not long after Liam left to go and fix my car, me and Lil's spent the morning catching up on some recordings and so cuddle time.

After lunch we went to go and pick up my car which feels very odd now but its fixed which is amazing. Me and Lil's headed off to Tesco where I picked upa couple of birthday presents for her without her seeing. When we entered Tesco there was a box at the front saying that we could pick a free piece of fruit for children. I took Lilly over and she picked an apple wh…

Cakes, Cars and Magazines • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #23

Today has been a really lovely day, we staryed off with a late start again 7:25am which is just crazy. My body is living the extra sleep but I am so unsure why she is sleeping so well, not that I am moaning.
About 9:30 I decided that it was time to get on with the day so we made some more chocolate cornflake cakes and this batch was certainly better than the first. They are ridiculously cheap and easy to make and they go down a treat.
After Lilly made a caf in our hall out of her two car seats, her dolls car seat and a camp chair. She pretended that her car had the same issue with mine and pretended to fix it, such a Daddy's girl.
Just after Lil's lunch Liam picked us up to get the part form my car but sadly they didn't have any in store. So we headed off to MacDonald's for mine and Liam's lunch. I have a wrap of the day and Liam had two 99p cheese burgers, as Lil's had had her lunch we got her a Oreo Mcflurry.

We headed off to Nanny's for a bit where Lil&…

Car Broke Down • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #22

Today has been a catch up day on everything, housework, emails and putting the rest of the camping gear away. This morning was mainly washing which was quite important and all 3 pairs of my jeans were in the wash. I also had a couple of forms to fill out which was the most boring part.
Lilly on the other hand has been playing camping with her barbie and her baby dolls too, I think that she really enjoyed herself this weekend.
After lunch we headed off to Nanny's to sort out the quad bikes and I wanted to hoover Mater out as she was full of grass, glitter and general dust from the weekend. The only issue when I was hoovering I noticed some rust that has formed on the wheel arch which has gone through :(.

Whilst I was doing this Nanny watched Lil's as she played with her sand and then decided to help Great Grandad with his gardening. Both Lil's Grandparents and Great Grandparents own caravans on a plot of land which they share so Lilly gets to spend a lot of time with them …

Camping Weekend, Rural Past Times • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #17 - #21

As  you may have noticed I have been away from the blog for a few days now and haven't really been on social media either, well me and Liam's family have been out camping at Pestalozzi Village for an event called Rural past times. We have been going out for a few years now with our men doing the car park duty, camp site look out and litter pickers.

Me and Lilly arrived on the Thursday after and play date and some last minute shopping, I had also packed up my banana car that morning with everything we needed, it was chock a block. Liam and his Dad set up our tent and I did the beds, we both had ready beds, Lil's had a really cute Disney Princess ReadyBed and we just had a double ReadyBed. they are really nice airbeds with a built in sleeping bag, they are so comfy and pretty warm too.
After that was set up we got some of the toys out and started using the quad bikes that we had taken out there. Lilly now has her quad but she is a little to young and small to use it, her fe…

We're going camping • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #16

I have been a bad blogger today and have mot got any photos but I have not stopped since literally the moment I got up.
Our day started at 6:45am when me and Lil's had to leave to get my Dad to a hospital appointment for 8am. It was so cold and I was ridiculously tired too but we made it with plenty of time to spare.
When we got home I finally had my breakfast and felt a lot better after that. I woke my other half up and got him out of the house when he needed to be which meant I could get on with bits.

Last night we decided that we would join the rest of Liam's family camping out at Rural past times and to help out as well. The only thing is that it has only given me two days noticed to get organised and packed for the weekend as we will be leaving Thursday.
After getting a lot of the house work done, Liam's Mum phoned to let me know she was picking me up to get some ReadyBeds for the weekend, a double for me and Liam and a Disney Princess junior one for Lil's, were …

A trip to Jempsons • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #15

We had an afternoon out with my Mum and Dad at Jempsons. This is a really cute little supermarket which is a little bit of a drive away but well worth the drive.
My Mum and Dad got me some shopping while we were there. One of the best things about Jempsons is that they have mini trolleys for the little ones. Lil's absolutely loves using these even though she does get a little crazy.

We had some lunch in the cafe there too which was nice, Lil's had a giant toasted teacake and I had a jacket potato with cheese. We had a nice catch up woth my parents and sorted out so plans for tomorrow as have to take my Dad somewhere.
After we had conpleted the shopping Lilly had a go on both the rides in the doorway, they were £1 for 3 turns on each. It was just a nice way to end the trip.

The only issue I had getting there was that I had to follow my Dad out as I had no clue how to get there myself haha.

Getting Lil's a quad bike? • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #14

Today marks the end of the second week of the holidays already, I seriously can't believe this. We have been over nanny's this afternoon talkong about a trip out to our local country fair where they'll be staying. 
They recently got a quad bike and also are looking after Lil's cousins quad too. We have been offered a little quad bike for Lilly which used to be her counsins when he was young, it needs a bit of TLC which my other half would be willing to sort out.

We wanted to see if she would be comfortable on a quad bike so we firstly put Lilly onto her cousins one. She pretended to drive it, making noises and smiling her head off, this one needs a battery so isn't working at the moment. 
Afterwards Daddy put Lil's on Nanny's quad which works, they both drove around the garden a few times which Lilly absoloutly loved. She was laughing her head off the whole time so we are pretty sure she'll be fine on her own one.

The one that we have been offered can …

Cornflakes cakes & Hastings Carnival • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #13

We have been very busy today, full of crafts and baking and ended with a trip to watch our local carnival.
We started off with baking, this was about 9:30 I decided to get everything ready so we could enjoy the cakes and take some to Nanny's if we went (which didn't happen).
Recipe - 100g Milk Chocolate - 100g Cornflakes - 50g Butter - 2 tbsp Golden Syrup
Method 1. Melt butter, chocolate and golden syrup 2. Mix with cornflakes 3. Place mixture in 12x cases 4. Let set in fridge for about an hour

After our little baking session I decided to do some crafts with her too. We got loads of paint out with stamps, bottle lids, string, and sponge brushes. We also competed a foam fairy set that we got from poundland a few weeks ago. This was so easy to do except our paint dried out which came with it tl decorate her.
At about 3pm we left for the carnival as the parking gets awful during this time on carnival day and the roads through to town close just after 3 too. The first place I had p…

Bath paint fun • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #12

Today we have done a lot but not got a lot done if that makes sense. We haven't stopped today but it seems to have been the most uneventful day so far. 
Lilly today has been having fun with the usual play doh making biscuits and pancakes for me and Daddy and peas for her baby haha. She has also done a lot of colouring and drawing today as well. She is getting on so well with her colouring and tries to stay within the lines more often. 

During bath time today I decided to let her have her bath paints out. Wr made some splatty art on the tiles before lilly mixed the two together to make purple. 
She also painted her face and her bath toys too which she found hilarious for some reason, bless her. Bathpaint is such cool stuff and smells so nice too. 

Tomorrow is going to hopefully be a fun day and evening as have a couple of thjngs planned :) watch this space.

Lunch with a friend • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #11

We have had a really lovely day, we ventured our to our local Brewer's fayre restaurant to have lunch with a friend of mine.
We spent the morning playing playdoh and chilling really befote heading out for 12. I got Lilly to choose her meal, which wasn't the best as she choose something which she decided she didn't like when it came out. Lil's picked tomato pasta with garlic bread, carrot, pepper and cucumber sticks, this was only £3.99
I went for two starters which only cost £2.50 for both, I went for garlic and parsely breaded mushrooms and crispy potato dipperswith bacon and cheese. These were really good actually and the portion size was a decent size too.

After Lilly finally finished her pasta I said that she could pick a dessert off of the menu, this is only an extra 75p on top of her meal. Lil's picked mini chocolate mash up, this consisred off 3 marshmallows, 3 strawberries and 3 brownie pieces which a chocolate dip.
At our local restaurant they have a smal…

Duplo and Tangled • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #10

We have an indoor day because of thr horrible weather as usual. We only ventured out for shopping which I did first thing so we could enjoy the day.
So the day started with the usual morning housework, folding, making beds and a general tidy and clean. Whilst doing this Lil's was making a city out of Duplo in her room. Below are two pictures of her creations.

During the rest of the morning and after lunch we played with her magnetic wooden dolls and also her babies. She is still 100% obsessed with babies and sorting them out and taking them to the park (out hallway).
The rest if the afternoon was watching tangled and editing. This is one of my favourite films at the moment and Lil's seems to really enjoy it too, we even have the story CD in my car. 

We haven't had a great adventurous day but some days are just lovely spent indoors relaxing and enjoying each others company.

Libaries and puddle jumping • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #9

Today has been very wet and cold, more like an autumn day than the summer days we shoukd be having.
Anyway we embraced the weather and still ventured out with coats and wellies in toe. The first place we went to was the libary, we had to take some of her old books back and Lil's picked some more books to take home. She picked three new books which she couldn't wait to read.

The next place was town to see my parents and to pick up a book myself. I pre ordered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child a few months back and finally got my hands on my copy today which made me pretty excited, like bringing my chdhood back. I actuly did the midnight book launch for the last two Harry Potter books. 
We then went to have some lunch and a quick catch up. Mum had got Lil's a couple of the suprise eggs, one shopkins and the other a frozen one. 

We had a few more errands to do in town but before we could get going back home Lil's found a few puddles to jump up and down in. You can never …

Circus Berlin • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #8

Today was Lilly's first ever time at the circus, and I couldn't have been more proud of her. We visited the Continental Circus Berlin which is currently touring Europe. 
I haven't heard of this circus before but I love a trip to the circus and this show certainly did not disappoint. 
We arrived an hour before the show and had some 50% off vouchers which made our tickets £3.50 for Lil's and £5 for me, this is for the rear view seats, which was slightly restricted by the pole but we still have a good enought view of everything.

The show started with all the performers coming into the ring and dancing around as an inrtoduction. 
The first act was jugglers which included two ladies and two men. They were really good and had some nice tricks between them too.
The next act was a lady who used an aerial hoop, this was the act that really caught Lil's eyes and she really seemed to enjoy this. There was also a contortionist who managed to shoot a baloon with her feet using…