Duplo and Tangled • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #10

We have an indoor day because of thr horrible weather as usual. We only ventured out for shopping which I did first thing so we could enjoy the day.

So the day started with the usual morning housework, folding, making beds and a general tidy and clean. Whilst doing this Lil's was making a city out of Duplo in her room. Below are two pictures of her creations.

During the rest of the morning and after lunch we played with her magnetic wooden dolls and also her babies. She is still 100% obsessed with babies and sorting them out and taking them to the park (out hallway).

The rest if the afternoon was watching tangled and editing. This is one of my favourite films at the moment and Lil's seems to really enjoy it too, we even have the story CD in my car. 

We haven't had a great adventurous day but some days are just lovely spent indoors relaxing and enjoying each others company.



  1. These are the best kinda days :-) Love it

  2. Nothing wrong with a day at home. When my eldest was little she used to love an indoor picnic on a drizzly day x

  3. Sometimes the best days are spent just chillin' indoors. We have watched a lot of movies this summer! Kaz x

  4. Days at home sound and look fab to me if I am honest x

  5. I love days at home and you can't beat Tangled x

  6. Sometimes staying indoors is not such a bad idea :)

  7. Sounds like a great day to me - I love days just enjoying each others company.

  8. Tangled is right up there with ratatouille. Brilliant choice!

  9. Being at home is my favourite thing. Looks like you all had fun!


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