Cakes, Cars and Magazines • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #23

Today has been a really lovely day, we staryed off with a late start again 7:25am which is just crazy. My body is living the extra sleep but I am so unsure why she is sleeping so well, not that I am moaning.

About 9:30 I decided that it was time to get on with the day so we made some more chocolate cornflake cakes and this batch was certainly better than the first. They are ridiculously cheap and easy to make and they go down a treat.

After Lilly made a caf in our hall out of her two car seats, her dolls car seat and a camp chair. She pretended that her car had the same issue with mine and pretended to fix it, such a Daddy's girl.

Just after Lil's lunch Liam picked us up to get the part form my car but sadly they didn't have any in store. So we headed off to MacDonald's for mine and Liam's lunch. I have a wrap of the day and Liam had two 99p cheese burgers, as Lil's had had her lunch we got her a Oreo Mcflurry.

We headed off to Nanny's for a bit where Lil's played with her Little Tikes car for a while before Daddy chased her with her bubble mower, she was loving it but sadly ended in tears when she had a tumble. 

Nanny brought us home as Liam has a stripped out car at the moment and only has two seats but once we were home we had some lovely family time. Daddy and Lil's played together while I got her dinner preped. 

Before dinner she had some magazine time which I had promised her this morning. I am so proud of how well Lil's does with these magazines and I can see how far along she has come in such a short space of time.

We bathed and put Lil'd to bed before setting down to a honey glazed gammon roast. My other half helped me by prepping everything during Lil's story time. 

We have had a great day but I am feeling slightly numb tonight :(



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