Camping Weekend, Rural Past Times • Summer Holiday Project 2016 #17 - #21

As  you may have noticed I have been away from the blog for a few days now and haven't really been on social media either, well me and Liam's family have been out camping at Pestalozzi Village for an event called Rural past times. We have been going out for a few years now with our men doing the car park duty, camp site look out and litter pickers.

Me and Lilly arrived on the Thursday after and play date and some last minute shopping, I had also packed up my banana car that morning with everything we needed, it was chock a block. Liam and his Dad set up our tent and I did the beds, we both had ready beds, Lil's had a really cute Disney Princess ReadyBed and we just had a double ReadyBed. they are really nice airbeds with a built in sleeping bag, they are so comfy and pretty warm too.

After that was set up we got some of the toys out and started using the quad bikes that we had taken out there. Lilly now has her quad but she is a little to young and small to use it, her feet don't reach the foot plates but she has loved travelling around with Daddy and Grandad the whole weekend.

The first night we had pie, mash, peas and gravy cooked by Liam's Mum in there caravan, it was nice to have a good meal in my belly and great company too. We didn't do that much the first night, just enjoy the peaceful surroundings, walk Nanny's dog and let Lil's play. We decided to let her play until she wore herself out, except that didn't happen, she was still awake at 10:30pm. we didn't mind that much as I knew I could get her back into routine.

Lilly woke about 5;30 the next morning and we had breakfast and waited for everyone else to wake up. That afternoon we went shopping to get some bits for the BBQ that night and some other bits that had been forgotton or someone had asked for. The rest of the day was spent with Lil's playing with her cousin and us all trying to get things put away and sorted for the rest of the weekend, we had a really nice family BBQ and then toasted some marshmallows (such a camp thing) Lil's fell asleep at about 9pm the second night in Nanny's caravan.

the next morning Lil's actually gave me a lie in,she woke and 7:30 and we started off the day quite quickly. we had breakfast outside whilst watching all the old tractors pulling out of the camping field and into the show grounds. Lil's was amazed at this and got so excited to see them all go past. 

Liam had to so car park duty in the afternoon so after a fry up for lunch me, Lil's and Nanny headed up to the showground to have a look and Liam went off to do his job for the day. we had a lovely time over there. In the show ground there is such much to see, they have so many old tractors and trucks, with some doing demonstrations, birds of prey, ferret racing, rides and bouncy castle, old farming machinery, chainsaw carving, so many little stalls and a beer tent, We had a go on the hook and duck and Lil's picked some sweeties for herself and we also took a trip on the trailer ride which takes you around the whole show field for just £1 for adult and 50p for children. 

That night for the evening entertainment there was a live band in the beer tent which Lil's insisted on going over to see even though she was so tired. We ended up going over and Lilly absolutely loved it, she danced to about 3 songs and then sat on Daddy's lap, he asked if she was OK and she asked weather we could go back to the tent as she was tired. We went back and walked Buddy (Nanny's dog) as she woke up a bit when we got back but once she was in her bed she was asleep.

The next day (Sunday) was our last day and it was almost 8am before Lil's stirred which was very strange. she was excited to see the show again which I promised we would do. We went shopping again to get some more BBQ bits for our dinner that night and I got a few bits for home the next morning.

After we got back Liam had to go off to do his car park duty so me and Lil's played together and she made a little home in the trees using all the outdoor toys, she was so happy to be decorating her little house and had to show all the family what she had done. Once Liam had gotten back we went over together as Lilly wanted to show him everything in there. 

We had ice cream together, we watched the tractors going around the field, shire horses picking up some grass with an old contraption. the most amazing chainsaw carving I have ever seen, the steam powered hay baler and had another go around on the trailer ride. It was lovely to have some family time together and have Liam get to see his girl in her element.

We got back to the site just as the event was coming to an end, I started packing up the car which took all of 10 minutes which was good. We had a lovely last BBQ and a final drive on the quads up the show field to make sure it was ok and to say good bye to a few people. We got Lil's into her onsie and then said goodbye to the family and headed off for home. The plan was that she would hopefully fall asleep on the way home which she did.

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend away and would recommend anyone in the area to visit Rural Past Times as it's a great event and profits go to charity too. 



  1. Reading this has made me want to go out tent shopping right now. It looks like you had an amazing family holiday.

  2. I hadn't heard of Rural Past Times before, but it sounds like great fun! Glad you had such a good time. x

  3. Wow! Jammed packed fun by the sounds of it! You can't go camping with toasting marshmallows. Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves X

  4. This sounds like a wonderful weekend, looks like you had good weather for camping.

  5. Looks like you had loads of fun camping, it's nice to have a weekend away to relax x

  6. I haven't heard of this before. It sounds amazing. We are going camping on Friday :) Kaz x

  7. Its great that you had a lot of fun camping and its lovely to have some time away from real life.

  8. That little hook a duck is so sweet, I am in love with it! I also love the idea of getting away from home and doing something like this x

  9. Awww, I really want to go camping now! It sounds like great fun. I love the quad bike by the way!! Lily will grow into it soon enough :D Lovely post & beautiful photos xx


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