Toddler Tuesday | Our Fav books

So I thought I would do a few weekly blogs for you. This one is toddler Tuesday.
Here are mine and Lilly's favourite books to read together.

Firstly is a rhyming book from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. This is a book of searching thought furniture (flaps) for Mr fox's missing socks. Lilly loves lifting the flaps and it's such an easy read, especially with its rhymes. 

Secondly I am going to mention a classic book, The very hungry caterpillar. This was a favourite of mine when I was young and just had to get it for Lilly. It teaches about how butterfly's are made too which I like. Lilly loves the pictures and pointing out the food she knows.

Next is an Osborne touchy-feely book. That's not my monkey. Lilly loves monkeys anyway so this is always a winner, she likes to feel the different textures and point out body parts. One let down for me is the last monkey looks like he has a beard rather than a fluffy belly. lol

Lastly is a duo of books from the Peppa Pig range, as you may know, Lilly loves Peppa Pig. so we thoguht that it would be fair to by both My Mummy and My Daddy, both of these are really cute stories. I personally prefer My Mummy one and My Daddy takes the mick a little, but both worth a read for toddlers at least.

Hope you like the book ideas.



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