Fun day | Punch and Judy and Lots more

It was carnival week last week and we took advantage of the good weather and things going on around us.

On Friday we went and saw a live punch and Judy, it was so good and funny, the only shame was is there was no crocodile :( but I spoke you can't have a live crocodile in the show lol. But again it was still good and Lilly enjoyed watching it too munching on her ice lolly. 

On the same day there was a fun day on our estate so we enjoyed some music and displays, my mum and dad came up too. Lilly painted a picture and made a couple of clay things. 

Lilly also got to sit in a fire engine again, she understood a lot more this time though :). She choose to have her face painted like a butterfly and just before we went in she was building some robots with consortina style arms and legs and strange heads too.

It was a nice day in the sunshine and we had lots of fun making and doing.



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