4 ways I cope with anxiety

I have had a year battle with anxiety which turned more servere back in November.   
I have had to learn how to cope with my panoc disorder to a point which I can move on with my life and not let it affect my day to day situation. 

Four ways that I find that help me a lot are music, exercise, reading and my family. 


I find music can really help to take your mind off of the situation or feeling that can cause you panic. I keep my music upbeat and happy as I can find slow songs to be difficult to listen to. I try and use song that I can sing along to or dance to with my little one to completely imerse myself within the song.


Excercise is good for you anyway but it can make you feel better within yourself and heighten your endorphins. It also again can take your mind off the situation in hand. I find that short burst exercise routines of youtube can be the most helpful as there is someone kind of there to do it with you. 


The worst part of the day for me is night time, so I love to settle down with a good book and usually fall asleep with my face in the book. I love reading anyway but it really helps me get out of the frame of mind and enter a world without true worry.

My family

My family are so important to me and have helped me so much, mu Mum and Dad are just a phone call away any time of day or night. My other half is always there for me to give me a cuddle or just a reasuring word for me, he has been through it himself and has come out the other side. Lilly is also amazing, she obviously doesn't understand (luckily) but her cuddles are a real help.


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