Bug hunting and waterfights • Summer Holifay Project 2016 #6 & #7

I know that I didn't post yestersay so I am going to put both days together. I had a really bad evening and night but have got myself back into a happier mood.

So yesterday we went down to Lil's great grandparents for Liam to help fix there camper and a general catch up. Lilly was not on her best behaviour sadly but we did get some time bug hunting.

We didn't find a lot as it had not long rained but we persisted and started lifting the plant pots to look. All in all we found lots of woodlouse, an ear wig which I found quite fascinating to look at, a few baby spiders and lots of ants too.

Today we went over to Liam's parents caravan where Lil's great grandparents where there too. We played in her sand pit and played with Nanny's dog. 

Then Lil's dissapeared and I found her helping her great grandad water the plants so left them to it. Next thing there was a lot of giggling and screaming, her grandad (as she calls him) had found a water pistol and he was chasing her with it. 

She managed to get the water pistol off of him and was chasing him, it was the cutest thing to watch and listen too.

The only problem was is that she started trying to get me too, which was so funny as I kept hiding.

We have had a lovely family weekend and have a week packed with things to do which I am pretty excited about :).

I am sorry that there wasn't a post yesterday but I will be back to normal tomorrow. 



  1. Aw sounds like fun! I'd be hiding from the water pistol, too, haha! Glad to hear you're feeling happier now :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  2. aww sounds like a lovely time was had by all! glad you're feeling happier now x

  3. aww sounds like a lovely time was had by all! glad you're feeling happier now x

  4. It's always nice and lovely spending time with family, my nephew is not a big fun of bugs so we wouldnt do that but pistol fighting that he would love

  5. Aw no worrs about the post, as long as you had fun that is the main thing hun xx

  6. So glad to hear you're happier, it looks like you had a lovely day, also I love the action pic with the water pistol! x

  7. As a kid I loved going bug hunting now a days the sight of one makes my skin crawl! Looks like you had fun!


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