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Last weekend I was lucky enough to travel up to London with Lilly, my Auntie and my uncle to Winter wonderland at Hyde Park.

This is a free to enter event in the centre of London which is very family oriented and very festive. There are many rides and attractions for you to see BUT I would advise prebooking for the big attractions online.

We arrived at around 2pm and the queue to enter was quite small, we only waited about 5 minutes before we were at the bag check. The staff were so friendly and the atmosphere was electric. 

The first thing we did was check out some rides for Lilly (kind of wish we had waited as there were more Christmas themed one further in) and got some hot drinks (hot chocolate)  

The children's rides range from £2 - £3 each and the larger rides cost £6,- £8 each. They had such a wide array of rides to choose from. They had more Christmasy themed rides and huge roller coasters too. In the centre there is a large, tall ferris wheel that moves slowly so you can see the whole of Hyde Park from there, sadly the queue was 45mins and we had limited time. 

The food was a little expensive but you can't expect much more from a place like this, they did have an amazing choice of food though, from burgers to jacket potatoes, and chips to noodles too. 

As the darkness drew in the lights got brighter and the whole place just seemed to become more magical. It looked and felt so different and so much cosier. 

If you are in London or are planning to go up I would really recommend this place. But get there early as when we left at around 6 the queue was madness. 

Sorry this is late by the way, I have been ill again :(. Happy Blogmas. 


  1. I haven't made it to Winter Wonderland this year but I do remember the high prices from last year. Your get there early advice is so true, I got in at around 2PM as well and when I left the queues were definitely hours long.

  2. I have yet to go to a winter wonderland. i hope you feel better now. Kaz

  3. The winter wonderland is amazing. I also have one of those hats too

  4. Looks great but it's not cheap is it? £6-£8 for some of the rides? Wow.

  5. It’s been a while since I last went to winter wonderland and we hoping to visit the Hyde park one next January. Seems like you had fun

  6. I absolutely love winter wonderland! I haven't been this year yet, so am hoping to go this week or just after Christmas. I need some mulled wine and bratwurst!

  7. I love visiting Winter Wonderland! Hoping to visit it sometimes soon!


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