Lilly update | 18 months

So today Lilly is officially a year and a half! Wow, where has the time gone. 

Speech: She learns new words every day, which is lovely :) and is always trying to copy what we say and what people on the telly say. She also knows some animal noises and has started to try and sing bless her. The cutest thing ever.

Size: She is in size 4 pull up nappies as she has started asking for the potty and has actually used it a few times. She is in 12-18 month clothing and 3.5 shoes so still very diddy.

Food: She eats pretty much everything, usually for breakfast she has porridge or toast, for lunch will usually be sandwiches or bread sticks and cheese and she east what we eat for dinner.

Routine: She usually wakes between 6:30 and 7:30am then we play, eat breakfast and get dressed for the day, we then put her for her nap at about 11-12 which lasts up to 2 hours. She then has lunch and we go out or play some more. Dinner is a 6 usually and we bath her every other day due to eczema. Her bedtime is 7:30 but she does still wake in the night.

Hope you enjoy

VIki xx


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