First scan

So two years ago today was the first time i saw out little girl :) a small little baby on the screen.

I remember sitting in the waiting room thinking all these what ifs? 
what if there's nothing there?
what if it was like before?
what if the hearts not beating?

the scariest part of my whole pregnancy I think. 
But to our amazement and joy a little baby popped up on the screen in front of us. He kept moving the wand over my belly, it was surreal that the baby on the screen was in my belly. 

I know the pain of bad news, being told sorry it not going to survive, but the second time was our turn and our little girls turn to be a part of this world. 
I believe that I was more grateful for her but more worried through the whole time being pregnant because of my past.

For those who have loved and lost, spare a thought. For no matter how long you are pregnant they are still a part of you. 

Viki xx


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