Halloween Secret Stones with Bojecher Paint Marker Pens

We have been busy today today creating some spooky Halloween inspired secret stones to hide during half term. We were lucky enough to be gifted some paint marker pens by BOJECHER to try out. These are perfect for many different materials such as pebbles, wood, glass, fabric, ceramic and more. 

These are perfect for so many crafts all year round, they're weather proof so will last a long time. The pen has two tips to choose from, a 3mm diagonal one and a 5mm round on, the round one being better for painting bolder lines.

We have had lots of fun creating some scary designs using all 12 colours in the pack, the pack includes 10 normal colours and two metalic ones too. The colours are bright and do not fade when drying, they are quick drying and no need to bake. 

I have many more plans for these from personalised mugs to scrap booking. if you want to check these out I will leave the link below.




  1. I love your secret stones! What a cute, seasonal idea. Plus, I am a huge fan of paint markers! They're so versatile and fun to use!

  2. I love the idea of hiding secret stones!
    These pens seem to work great on them - may need to treat my nephew to some :)

    Dani x

  3. Such lovely marker pens, I do like the idea of secret stones and hope your guys had fun making them

  4. These pens look great, I would love to do something like this with Pickle. Kaz

  5. Oh these look great. We do a lot of hidden rocks so I’ll have to buy some of these

  6. We love the secret stones, the kids get such a kick out of hiding them! These pens look fab!

  7. Bojecher pens sound fab for crafty ideas. Brilliant that you can use them on so many difference surfaces. Can think of many kid craft ideas you could use them for. The secret stones are wonderful.


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