Pirate Day 2019 - Our World Recore Attempt

On the 14th of July this year, me and Lilly took part in a World record attempt in our local town. Every year our town celebrates pirate day since getting a World record for the largest gathering of pirates, a huge ammount of 14,231 people dressed as pirates. 

This year our town tried to create the worlds biggest human image of a boat, a pirate ship in our case, sadly our attempt was not successful due to there being a last minuite tide change which meant there was not enough room for everyone.

Even though we didn't get a second World record for our town we still enjoyed the day with family. My Dad made this wonderful boat around his mobility chair which so many people enjoyed. We had sword fights with each other whiilst waiting too. It is very bizzare to see so many people dressed up though and the experience is surreal.

There was lots more than just the attemt happening, there was live music or dancing on a stage at one end of town along with some pirate themed stalls, face painting and food trucks. There was a treasure hunt on the beach, stunt sword fights and also if you wanted you could be part of a pirate parade through the town.

Our town is a very crazy little town with so many events that happen through the year. I am blessed to live in a place with such variety and so many chances to make memories. I hope you have enjoyed reading about this event. 


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