Quirky Lilly #2

I can't quite believe that this little munchkin is going to be 5 soon! She is the cheekiest, kindest little girl who makes me laugh on a daily basis. I started this series to remember the little thing that make her her. 

- Saying Hirrup instead of hiccup. 

- Confusing the words melon and lemon

- She all of a sudden has a crazy obsession with Power Rangers.

One of our conversations

Lils - You going to be now
Me - Yep
Lils - I've been in bed for ages
Me - That's because you are younger than us and are still growing, Mummy and Daddy have finished growing
Lils - That's good because you could bang your head on the roof, then you would flood the room with tears like Alice (in Wonderland). I don't want to swim in salty tears.


  1. Haha! She has a point - it wouldn't be very nice to swim in salty tears... ;) x

  2. Isn't it amazing what goes through their little minds? I love getting little insights like this to my children. She truly is gorgeous. Mich x


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