I passed my driving test

I am still in utter shock that I have done this, but I have great pleasure in letting you all know that on the Friday just gone I  passed my practical driving test. I am so so happy and proud of myself.

This was the second time that I have taken my test and from the get go I thought that I had failed but luckily the mistake I had made was only a minor point. After this mistake my drive went very well. I had the three point turn as my manauver which I had last time too, but I find that one quite easy so was happy to do this one. 

I never have to take the test again and I am so pleased about that as I was so so nervous. I came out with just 5 minors which was a lot better than 7 minors and 3 serious last time.

I am so glad the hard part is over, I now have a bit of saving to do to get my car and insurance but I will get there and have some independence for myself. 



  1. Well done! Must feel great to be able to get that independence to do things like the weekly shop etc!

  2. Congratulations. It took me three times to pass my driving test, it seems much harder now though then when I took it x

  3. Congratulations - a massive achievement. Such independence; hope you manage to get hold of a car soon so you can keep driving with confidence.

  4. Well done, last years Christmas pressie from the hubby was money for driving lessons....I still haven't booked! :/

  5. Wooo congratulations! I am yet to sit mine, out of fear I will kill someone, so well done on a huge achievement x

  6. Well done and congratulations. I was really bad with the theory test.failed 3 times and had to wait then. But I have my licence 11 years now.

  7. Congratulations. it's amazing how driving will give you a new found freedom x

  8. Congratulations, I was a late learner and got mine at 27 but I am ever so glad I persevered, I couldn't get by without my car now!xx


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