50 things that make me happy

I saw this on lived with love and thought that I would do it to as she kind of tagged everyone.

1. Lilly
2. Liam
3. Good days
4. Shopping
5. Holidays
6. Talking to my nieces
7. Taking photos
8. Vlogging
9. Reading
10. Doing pantomimes
11. Listening to music
12. Chocolate
13. Smoothies
14. Cooking with Lilly
15. A clean home
16. Reading Lilly a bedtime story
17. Watching motor racing
18. Snuggly days
19. Clean sheets
20. Special occasions (xmas, easter)
21. Harry Potter
22. Home cooked meals
23. Catching up with friends
24. My parents
25. New homely things
26. Coffee
27. Summer
28. Family days out
29. Yankee candles
30. Baking
31. Blogging
32. Recieveing parcels
33. The royals (tv show)
34. Romance films
35. Sunset
36. Warm baths
37. Pamper nights
38. Pajamas/onesies
39. Sticky toffee/caramel latte
40. Bath bombs
41. Call the midwife (most of the time)
42. Clothes shopping for Lilly
43. Being part of local events
44. Learning to drive
45. Ben and jerry's ice cream
46. Matthew Lewis (mmm)
47. Sun set
48. Snow
49. Teaching Lilly new things
50. Late nights watching telly with my man

This was so hard to come up with 50 but this is actually very therapeutic, especially for me.

I tag anyone who wants to do it :)



  1. Those are all great. I love things like that too. You have to appreciate the little things in life! x


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