Christmas day 2014

The best Christmas in a long time! Didn't end as planned but the rest of the day was brilliant. Food, presents, family and laughs. 

Lilly was completely in her element with it all and I thinks little overwhelmed with the amount of new toys she received. So much to take in for her. 

So we started off Christmas day with our traditional breakfasts, apart from my other half wasn't up for a fry up. So I had my boiling bacon with pickles, Lilly had Christmas tree crumpets with jam and a smoothie.

This rocking horse was from Grandma and Grandad, it makes noises and moves it's mouth, Lilly now has a rocking horse at each grandparents house.

We started off Christmas dinner with a homemade prawn cocktail which tasted amazing.

All sat down to Christmas dinner, was so tasty but too much was made as usual, so much leftover meat and veg. Lilly wasn't too impressed with the food choice.

That evening we went to great Grandma and great Grandads house where Nanny and Grandad were staying for even more presents. It was such a lovely busy day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got what you wished for.



  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas! Lucky Lilly having a rocking horse at both grandparents, she looks really happy on her new one.

    1. Thank you. we all had a very nice Christmas. Someone was getting rid of the new one so my dad took it in and cleaned it up a bit.


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