Birth story

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and wanted to write it down before my memory forgets bits and I thought that it would be cool to share with you.

So on the 12th of September 2012, I had a sweep performed and was told to get rest, have a bath and that sort of thing, I had also been booked in to be induced on the 15th if sweep didn't work.

I remember her telling me that it may be uncomfortable, and I said back I have to give birth in the next week and she laughed. So that day I went home and relaxed, nothing happened.

On the Thursday I woke up late, had a bath and loads of food...nom lol. Then at about 8:30pm I had rather a major bleed, so went to hospital to be monitored for an hour, was sent home about about 10pm. This turned out to be my plug. I tried to go straight to sleep but was getting little twinges. Managed to kind of drop off at about 11pm and then my waters decided to break. I sat up and went to my other half 'I think my waters have broke' his reply was 'WHAT'. He went straight off xbox, phoned labour ward and we were back there before midnight. 

When I got to the hospital I was a right mess, after being sick numerous times and leaking water and crying, I was a state, poor Liam. They took me to a labour room and left me for a bit, then they were going to send me home, but my other half refused to let them. I was having contractions and was checked at about 3am, i was 4cm. So we called my Mum and Dad as Mum was my other birthing partner. They arrived soon after looking very tired, I was already on gas and air after having a slight panic attack.

At about 4:30 I was administered the epidural (which I now regret) and we managed to get some sleep. At 10am I was 9cm which was very exciting, but it was not to happen for another 5 hours till I reached 10cm. 

So at around 3:30pm I started to push which was not fun I can tell you. my other half was amazing feeding me water and My mum in the corner encouraging me and making me laugh. I did a full hour and a half pushing and our little girl was born at 16:59pm weighing 6lb 11oz. The problem was, she was not breathing. She had the cord around her neck and had also swallowed mucus on her way out. 

She was whipped off me and taken to the resuscitating machine and my other half pressed the button for loads of people to come rushing in to her. It was the scariest part of my life lying there waiting for news. A long 15 minutes later I was all clean and sorted, they handed little Lilly to her Daddy for the first time, where she opened her eyes. Such a precious moment. 

Dad came soon after to pick mum up and see if we were all ok, also Liam's parents came to say hello to which was lovely. Then me and my other half were left to it, we tried to get her to latch with no prevail, and poor Liam was falling asleep in the corner so I sent him home about 10pm. 

After he had gone it was so quiet. A lovely midwife came in to try and give some milk to her, she managed a little then Lilly decided to spit up all over her, she just laughed. She then went off to look for some clean clothes and took Lilly with her for cuddle with the other midwives, I felt like I'd lost a part of me which was ever so strange. They then tried to get me to the shower, but the epidural had taken to much affect and I could not walk at all. 

We were transferred to the maternity ward at around 11:30pm where they got me settled with water and moved me across to my new bed, the problem was I could not sort Lilly out when she cried, or even turn over, I had to call a midwife to help me with her, which was horrible, but we got there. 

We Came home on her due date which was 16th of September 2012.


  1. As a 23 year old non-mother (yet) I love reading birth stories. It's nice knowing what I should be prepared for, look forward to, and the bits to dread, even when the end result makes up for it all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love reading birth stories! It's all worth it for that first cuddle isn't it

  3. I love reading birth stories, there is nothing better than reading about how other people's experiences have happened and how another life has entered the world :) H x

  4. I adore birth stories, such a wonderful life experience. I think it's nice to jot them down so you don't forget anything too.

  5. I love birth stories, everyones is so different. I wrote down mine at the time and love reading them back.

  6. I love reading birth stories, I think they're all amazing. I have a birth story series on my blog if you'd like to share on there too x

  7. What a lovely birth story. It's nice to read these and compare them with your own one.


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