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Mummy Outfit | Family Party

This weekend just gone we were invited to a wedding reception, this was important for me to go to as family seems more important than ever. It was also quite nice to get dressed up and sort myself out for once.
The outfit is quite simple but I absolutely love the dress. My dress is from Select, I got it about 2 years ago and have barely worn it, so was nice to get it out and freshen is up a little. I paired the dress with an F&F (Tesco) grey blazer jacket and some deep black tights, also from F&F. I didn't want to go too formal so I think this was perfect for a family party, it was so comfy for the night and made me feel pretty nice.

We had a fantastic night and my Lilly pops told me that I looked pretty, that certainly made my day.

Mummy + Me | April 2017

This months Mummy and Me post is a little different because is it about me and my Mummy, There is a reason to this and if you follow me on my social media's then you will know that my Mum passed away a couple of weeks back, so this month is going to be a little bit about this amazing women.
This is my Mum, she was and will always be my best friend. She was a true inspiration to me and to may others, she was born without a hip bone, had asthma, diabetes, and a hernia, she had been in a wheelchair for all of my life and a couldn't be more proud of this women.
My Mum and my Dad gave me a wonderful childhood, have created many memories for me and made dreams come true. They took me on a mini flight for my 15th birthday, had family holidays every year and even brought tickets for the Harry Potter studios last year for me. 
When my Mum was young she was told that she wouldn't walk, work or have children, but my Mum, being the stubborn women she was managed all three in her life…