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Birth story

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and wanted to write it down before my memory forgets bits and I thought that it would be cool to share with you.

So on the 12th of September 2012, I had a sweep performed and was told to get rest, have a bath and that sort of thing, I had also been booked in to be induced on the 15th if sweep didn't work.
I remember her telling me that it may be uncomfortable, and I said back I have to give birth in the next week and she laughed. So that day I went home and relaxed, nothing happened.
On the Thursday I woke up late, had a bath and loads of food...nom lol. Then at about 8:30pm I had rather a major bleed, so went to hospital to be monitored for an hour, was sent home about about 10pm. This turned out to be my plug. I tried to go straight to sleep but was getting little twinges. Managed to kind of drop off at about 11pm and then my waters decided to break. I sat up and went to my other half 'I think my waters have broke' his reply was…

Toddler Tuesday | Lilly's 21 month update.

I am so sorry for the absence. But I have not had it in me to blog or vlog.So Lilly turned 21 months old on Saturday just gone, which means it is now less than three months till her 2nd birthday.She still eats everything and anything but seems to be more hungry, like constantly hungry lol. Fruit and veg are her favourite even before chocolate now.She has started sleeping through about once a week so I get a brilliant nights sleep, just hope that but winter she sleeps through properly which would be amazing.She is still in 12-18 month clothing and a few larger 9-12 t-shirts. She again is in 3.5 shoes almost size 4 but she is definitely growing.So basically she is doing brilliantly in my eyes with everything including speech, playing, singing and just generally being a toddler. Thanks for reading Viki