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Mummy + Me | March 2017

How are we at the end of March already? It has been another pretty hard month, sadly my Mum is still in hospital and it just seems to be going on for so long now.
The better things this month thought was Mother's Day and Liam's Birthday too. We had a pretty busy day as they both fell on the same day. I travelled to the hospital to see Mum while he went to spend some time with his family. We spent a lovely evening together with a couple of drinks and a few snuggles
Lilly seems to have grown and changed so much this month which is making me incredibly broody and wanting to expand our family. Her speech is amazing and she is starting to get a cute little sense of humour, I still can't quite believe she is now 4 1/2 already.

Quirky Lilly #1

I want to remember the quirky little girl that is growing and changing so quickly so am starting this series for that reason. She has such an amazing, caring personality and really does make my world a lot more adventurous and fun. She makes me laugh, gives the most amazing hugs, has such an incredible imagination and is so strong willed. I truely am blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. 
- Playing with mine or her own ears when tired -

- Saying Breakfuff instead of Breakfast -

- Saying mo lawn instead of lawn mower -

- Falling asleep in random places like against the bathroom and bedroom door frames stood up and once outside the living room door, and the kitchen -

Mummy Outfit

I have not done an outfit post in a very long time but felt quite comfortable in what I was wearing for once, It was also such a nice day and there was no need for a coat which made me super happy. 
Being a Mum I want to be comfy and able to bend with ease but still look nice so I went for this flattering shirt from H&M, its a loose fitting navy blue shirt with polka dots. I fell in love with this instantly and I really do love it. I then went for my usual blue skinny jeans from New Look. I just think that skinny's are the best for keeping the outfit a little less formal. 
The boots were from BHS which has no closed but I do love the way they look, feel and have been my most worn shoes since I got them. To complete the outfit I wore a chunky beaded necklace which my gorgeous girl got me foe Mother's day last year. I really think this necklace completes the look so nicely and I love that it is something my girl picked for me all by herself.