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2 year update

I seriously cannot believe Lilly is two years old, really am in shock! 

She really does make me proud and surprises me every single day. 
She is doing amazingly well with her speech, she is stringing words together to create sentences and is also using words such and delicious and ridiculous in the right places. She has also started to think about her answers before saying things and asks for many different things. Another thing she loves to do is sing her little heart out, theme tunes, nursery rhymes, popular songs and movie songs, its so cute.
She has become slightly more fussy with what she east but still eats the majority of things we put infront of her. Sadly Lilly has gone off of pasta which is a shame but she will have soup and bread or fish, sausages, sometimes even a roast dinner. She loves her fruit and sweets and also a huge like are the bears yoyo's which are made of fruit.
She FINALLY sleeps through and sometimes even gives me till almost 8am whi…

Lilly's 2nd birthday

Lilly second birthday was such a lovely day, surrounded by family and food and laughter. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy her self. Here are a few pictures from her day, she was very spoilt.
Me and Daddy got all this sorted the night before so she could walk in and find all of her presents and cards. 
She was so excited to open them all, but a bit overwhelmed too. She managed to unwrap all of them, including her cards all by herself. Every time she opened A boxed present she would ask me to open it for her.
Over Nanny's she got a little tikes car which she completely loved and didnt stop playing in pretty much up to the start of her party. When all the family arrived she had many more presents to open and lots of people saying happy birthday to her. She didnt know what was happening. Bless her.
She had lots of fun playing and running around with everyone. Even got to go grass surfing. 
This was her Minnie mouse birthday cake, Liam didn' have time to make her one in the end but …

My birthday

It's my birthday so no weigh in this week. Just wanted to share a few pictures of my day.

My morning started off with my birthday special, some pancakes, with glance cherries and golden syrup with coffee. I never really have anything other than bran flakes so a real treat.

My man really knows me, I wasnt expecting anything let alone a yankee candle AND shade. The cande is in the scent lovely kiku and its a glass butterfly shade for a small jar. This was an utterly amazimg surprise and so sweet of him to think of that.

These flowers are from my mu, and dad, dyed crythanthimyms in pink, blue and the original white colour, some of the leaves have picked up the dye too. These are so pretty and quite a cool idea beimg dyed.

Family photo time, we don't have these very often so when I get the chance in take it, any occasion possible, sadly no smiles from Lilly but it wasn't long before her bedtime. 
                          So for dinner we had a treat take away. I had burger a…