Our mini picnic • National picnic week

This week is national picnic week and to celebrate we took a mini picnic to our local park. The weather wasn't great and kept clouding over but we enjoyed an hour down there.

For Lil's lunch she had a ritz dairylea dunker with some ready salted crispy fries and a drink. For my lunch I made some tuna pasta with mayo and sweetcorn, I'm not overly keen on tina but feel like I need a bit of fish in my diet every so often.

I let Lilly pick the perfect spot and we put the blanket out and enjoyed out little picnic together. 

Lilly had made a kite at nursery which was pretty cute, so after we had eaten she ran around for a bit 'flying' her kite. 

Where is your favourite spot to picnic?



  1. We love picnics - one of our favourite things about summer! Looks like you had a great time

    Laura x

  2. I love picnics, they're so fun! Looks like you had a lovely time xx

  3. Ah I didn't know it was Picnic Week! Not that the weather here would have allowed us to have one anywhere other than the living room floor ;)

    1. We have them in our living room quite often, we managed to get a break with the weather x

  4. We like to picnic in the New Forest. We go to the beach alot but I find that sand creeps in there

  5. I didn't realise it was National Picnic Week. We like having picnics anyway, if only the weather would stick - we've been having thunder and rainstorms in Berkshire this week! x

  6. We love picnics - either in the garden or park if the sun shines, or a carpet picnic if the weather is bad!

  7. I love a picnic. Doesn't matter what time of year, doesn't matter what the weather is like. I'm always up for a spot of picnic with the kids!

  8. We adore picnics and always pack one for all of our outings! Will have to mark next years National Picnic week i think :)


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