Mother's Day 2016

I can't believe that we are actually in March, let alone just celebrated Mother's day. I had a very excited toddler from the moment she woke. Lil's was so keen to show me what she had got me.

She picked both my presents and my card all by herself with Daddy in tow. She picked me a very cool and yummy looking Thornton's chocolate bottle, a gorgeous necklace and earring set and a Peppa Pig card (As Mummy likes Peppa pig). I absolutely love my presents but the bottle looks to good to eat lol.

I still sometimes can't believe that I am actually a Mum, it sounds silly when I write it but it is such an amazing thing to be. I look at Lilly and think, wow, she's ours, we have brought this wonderful little girl into the world and she's getting so big. 

Time goes ridiculously fast and I love to cherish every moment, especially days like yesterday and any other special occasion. Which this month is full of them, with a couple of birthdays and Easter coming up. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers day.



  1. Aww what lovely gifts ur little one chose for u. i have moments just like u when I can't believe I'm a mum. It was my second mother's day this year and loved every moment of it.

  2. awwww I love it when the little ones choose the presents themselves. Even if they are not the best to us mums the presents are amazing because our little ones picked them. These gifts are cool though. My son would have chosen that card if he ad seen it too he he. x

  3. Aww how sweet - I love that your LO chose the gifts for you, and that card is super cute :) H x

  4. cute little gifts! I often step back and just think too, like whoah, I'm a mum haha!

  5. That's so adorable, the gifts are lovely! I love how she chose them herself! I can't believe it's March already either! X

  6. gorgeous gifts and so cute that she chose them. i got some beautiful flowers and homemade card :) xx

  7. Aww how sweet of your daughter to choose these for you. Mother's Day is an amazing day for us :-)

  8. loving the look of that chocolate bottle, so cute when they pick thing out themselves :) x

  9. Aw lovely gifts. And you're right, time goes so fast doesn't it. I can hardly believe we are almost in April. April!?? It's crazy


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