My Valentines wish list

with it being just over a week till Valentines here is my gisft guide for you My valentines wish list is quite simple this year, not to much yet something meaningful.

Coloured roses

I have seen these multi coloured roses floating around on Facebook for a few weeks now and think that they are super cute and roses are the classic love flower in my eyes. I would love to get one of these roses just as a cute little gesture.

Lush bath products

Lush bath products are a win for me every time, especially a good old bath bomb for a nice relaxing bath in the evening with some candles and a glass of bubbly. This sounds like a perfect evening to me. If you do get some bath bombs maybe complement these with a nice face mask to to add to the relaxing bath and feeling super pampered.

Charm bracelet

I think chrm bracelets are a cute little gift for Valentines, especially by adding a cute little charm for it. This can then be added to through the year on special occasions such a birthdays, Christmas and even maybe Easter. You can get beautiful ones from Pandora but you can also pick these up a lot cheaper from Argos and even eBay.

Romance book

Lastly is a good old book, preferably a romance, just to tie in with the Valentines theme. The two books that I am looking for at the moment are 'You're the one that I want' and 'Billy & Me', both by Giovanna Fletcher

I hope this may have given you a couple of ideas for you.

Weather you're with someone or not have a wonderful Valentines day 



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