Conquering my fear of dentists

I have had a huge fear of dentists for a very long time due to a childhood trauma. My dentist was a very nasty person who told me off for feeling a lot of pain when he had actually put the injection in the other side of my mouth. I heard that he has since been struck off over many allegations aggainst him.

Back in Septembers I was ready to get back to going to the dentist to conquer this fear and it was so much easier to plan around Lilly being at nursery. I decided to go to a local dentist that was recommended to me from my driving instructor.

When I first went I had to have some work started by having a few fillings, the dentist then left in December and I was given another dentist who is actually amazing.

He has filled another two teeth, done a deep clean around my gums and today extracted a tooth for me. all the work done has been amazing and I barely felt a thing. I did feel slightly sorry for myself when I got home but now the numbing has calmed but there luckily isn't any pain.

my three main tips for getting back to the dentist

1. Find a dentist that you feel comfortable with and that you trust to do any work needed.
2. Take care of you teeth, you are less likely to need any work.
3. breath, relax and let them get on with what they need to.

I am so proud of myself and what I have achieved. 



  1. Well done mama! I definitely agree with changing dentist if you don't feel comfortable. I recent changed dentists and my new one is so gentle. I barely feel a thing! It gives me hope for when I have to start taking my 1 year old! :-/

  2. Well done for going to the dentist and getting it all sorted. I know so many people who have had a bad experience and are petrified of dentists.

  3. oh my god what a traumatic experience!!! I shudder to think of the pain of having a tooth out without the numbing :( no wonder you were scared. Well done for overcoming your very justified fear. xx

  4. Oh my what a horrible, horrible experience. I'm so glad you've started to conquer your fear. These are some great tips! xx

  5. I haven't been to the dentist for a long time! I have grown up never having a thing wrong with my teeth, I have no fillings or anything. That's my issue now, because I've never had any problems now I'm terrified there will be and I dread anything needing to be done! x

  6. Your first dentist sounds like a horror and I'm not surprised he put you off! Well done for getting it all sorted though. x

  7. Good for you! It's so unfortunate that one bad experience can set us up for life with an anxiety. Even though most dentists are great, it only takes one bad one to set the tone for the rest of them. I’m so happy you found a wonderful dentist that has eased your fears and put you back on the regular-dentist track!


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