January Favourites | 2016

How the hell are we one month onto 2016 already?!? Crazy, but here we go, my first monthly favourites of the year for you all to enjoy. 

This month  I have six things that have been the most used of the most loved things of the month. 

Yankee candle, midsummer's night 

This scent is amazing, for a fresh, relaxing scent. We originally had this scent in just a sampler size (which my man ordered me) but both loved it so much thag we ordered this scent in the Large jar size. I think its my favourite scent jusy behind merry marshmallow.

Collection Listings perfection ultimate wear shade 2 Nude

This is quite a new foundation to my make up but I fell in love with it thd first time I used it. The item is a pump action which I prefer to use as I find that there is less wastage. The foundation covers my face amazingly and gives me such an amazing smooth look to my skin and hides blemishes so well.

Herbal essences, Bee strong shampoo and conditioner

My friend told me that I needed to take my care of my hair as I have obviously dyed it a few times and always straighten it so she recommended Herbal Essences, Bee strong. This duo is meant to keep your hair stronger and healthier looking. The scent is amazing and my hair does feel a lot healthier.

Studio London make up brushes

My other half brought me this set for Christmas to update my brushes to a fresh set which were a better quality to what I already had. The brushes are incredibly soft and don't hold in make up. The set also came with one of the teardrop shaped spounges for foundation which are amazing. The spounge spreads the foundation evenly and doesn't hold any back either

Zoella blissful mistful perfume

I got this perfume in a set in the boxing day sale. The scent is quite floral and girl, perfect for spring. The bottle is beautiful will the pink and the spots too. The size of the bottle is perfect handbag size and I just genuinely love it.

Jill Mansell, An offer you can't refuse

The book for this month is from one of my favourite authors, Jill Mansell. This is the second time that I am reading this book. I am so in love with the characters and the story and love returning to stories from the past. It js such an easy book to read and just a positive book in general, I would certainly recommend Jill Mansell for some easy to read stories that will get you hooked.

What are your favourites so far?



  1. I will have to try the Herbal Essences shampoo as I am a great fan of their products. The shine shampoo is amazing.

  2. My Yankee candle has just burned out but did last a whole month. Hubby has been instructed to buy me another one and I want to try this scent

  3. i like the sound of the herbal essences - sounds lovely and my hair could certainly do with the help :) x

  4. I desperately need new Make Up Brushes but can not decide on any. I have a new candle, usually I go for Yankee but I have bought one from Dunelm this month for £7 and it is gorgeous. x

  5. I love Studio London brushes - they hold their bristles so well and don't shed for ages. I haven't read any Jill Mansell (I know, where have I been?!) so much check out. Hope Feb is a good month for you.

  6. Love Yankee Candle's Midsummer Night scent! perfect to get in the mood for better weather too. My favourites this month have been reunions with friends :) x

  7. I do love having a nose at what other people have been using - such a great way to pick up inspiration for new treats.

  8. thats my fav candle to! Just got the car air freshner in the same scent. 3 of them for £2.49 in halfords at the min.

  9. I adore Herbal Essences shampoo, but haven't tried this one, so it will be on my hitlist next time I pop to Boots. I've also never got the whole Yankee Candle thing. There's a YC shop in Knutsford where I work so I really must pop in and see what the hype is about as I know everyone raves about them.


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