Blogmas day 7 • Our gingerbread house

Blogmas day 7 and I wanted to share our gingerbread house with you. Its not the best but it's still cute.

We brought a small kit from B&M for just £1.99 so I wasn't expecting miracles. The set is cute. It comes with the ginger bread pre cut, some icing, some sweets for decoraring and a small icing snowman to put on your house.

The icing to me tastes very strange, its ok but not to my liking at all and also didnt go as soft as I ahad hoped it would so was very hard to decorate or place in the area which I wanted it.

The kit itself was easy to put together and stayed together really well. Lilly loved adding the coloured sweets as a decoration and was more than happy to help eat them too.

We haven't tried it yet but will do probably later today, lets hope it tastes good.

Happy Blogmas



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