Blogmas day 5 • Luxury Lush pud Bath bomb • Lush cosmetics

For blogmas day 5 I wanted to share the first festove batb bomb which Ibused last night.

This bath bomb smells amazing and looks super cute to with it's holly leaves on top.

The bath bomb itself is quite large and has eight different coloured dots over it. 

Once dropped into thr bath its starts to fizz imediatly and starts to spread colour all over the bath. The bath bomb itself spins slightly spreading the dots out and spreading a slight shimmer about too.

The bath looks slightly like a rainbow with all the colours mixing but thr bath ends up to be a lovelg shade of pink.

I really would love another one of these bath bombs as it was so nice to use and to relax in too.

RRP £3.95

Happy Blogmas



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