Blogmas day 22 • Meeting Santa

Yesterday Lilly net Santa for the first time. Every year our local shopping centre has a grotto linked to the panto that is showing in the town where Santa is.

It is only £3 to see him and Mrs Claus and you get a present too.

I was kind of nervous about how Lilly would react to this experience as she can be so unpredictable. 

When waiting outside she was so keen for her number to be called but was so patient waiting for her turn.

Thr number changed to ours and Mrs Claus came out to get us, she asked Lilly her name of which Lilly told her. Then Santa called her in and beaconed her over to him.

When inside Lilly stood next to him and spoke to him and answered the questions he asked. He then offered her to pick a present out of the basket next to him. She picked the last of the white wrapped ones.

When then said thank you and he said he would be coming Christmas eve and told her what to put out for him.

When outside the grotto, Lilly opened the present to find a super cute and fluffy monkey teddy with the name of Gordon. Lilly and the monkey are now inseperable.

The whole experience was amazing and Lilly was so polite and well behaved. It was well worth the money too.

Happy Blogmas



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