Another Lush Haul

I am so sorry about being quiet lately, I have been working on blogmas for you all :). Just one week away now.

I did a small online order of bathbombs of ehich most are festive. Lilly asked one too so we treated her to one as we always do. 

The first bath bomb I picked was Luxury Lush Pud. This looks like quite a fun looking bathbomb with the different spots of colour and the little festive holly bit on the top.

Lilly asked for another Think Pink bathbomb as she likes having a pink bath. We have already used this of which the colour seemed to be way more intense than the first one we got. 

I got Cinders as a more bonfire night, wintery bath bomb which I have used. This bath bomb was smaller than expected but smelt absolutely amazing. 

Lastly I picked up Dashing Santa. I just had to order this as he looked so cute and hace seen a lot of people mention this in there hauls. It smells really nice and can't wait to use this one.

I hope you have stuck with me and keep an eye out for blogmas and blogmas next week 



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