Lush Cosmetics | Think Pink

My little girl picked the bath bomb Think Pink as she thought it was pretty. she went for the one with blue flowers on which we had to dig for.

this bath bomb is quite small in size but the smell certainly makes up for that, to me it just smells like a Lush shop in just that one small bath bomb, The smell was so strong that it even made my room smell pretty.

The moment you drop it into the the water the fizzing starts immediately and making the bath a beautiful subtle pink colour. It also had little tiny hearts that came out very quickly and floated rounf the whole bath. 

Her bath water was all pink with little tiny hearts in which made her bath look so pretty and girly, she also loved to try and fish the hearts out which kept her occupied for a long time. I was actually quite jealous of her bath as it was just the perfect pink haven to relax in.

RRP £2.65

I would certainly buy this again, even for me and it just smelt amazing and is so good for the price.



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