Nursery preperations

In just over a month our baby girl will be starting nursery. I can't believe she is growing up so quickly. So I thought I better start getting everything ready.

I picked up some uniform bits, we just need some shoes and a school cardigan. I picked up some polo shirts, a skirt and some socks from Tesco. My mum picked up some bows from Tesco and a beautiful pinafore dress from Sainsbury's. She looks incredibly grow up and so smart in her uniform.

We have had this backpack since Christmas but it will be getting a lot more use as of next month. We picked up a Doc McStuffins backpack for Lilly as she loves her and it is a good size for spare clothes and other bits.

She will sometimes be having lunch there so my Mum picked up the Peppard pig sandwich box and I found this cute Minnie mouse lunch bag for her to use.

I cannot believe that she is going to be three and going to be going to nursery soon, she is and always will be my baby girl.



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