What I ate wednesday

Here's a what I ate Wednesday. I have been cutting put my snacks and eating a lot healthier as I weighed myself the other day and was not happy with What I saw.

For breakfast I had 2 forest fruit go ahead bars, I wasn't to hungry and I love these so I thought I would tuck into a couple of these

For lunch I had the best soup ever, new Covent Garden vegetable soup with red lentils and a wholewheat pitta bread. It was so tasty and is pretty healthy too. I love the way they look like a homemade soup. 

I had a cheeky homemade cookie for a treat/snack.  These are soon good and I made them so in my mind it would be rude to pass up.

For dinner I went back to the health side with a small jacket potato with cheese and salad cream and a few slices of ham on the side.  I also had a nice glass of orange juice for some sweetness.

I love my food but know I need to cut down to get to my ideal weight so here is a day in my better eating world.



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