Summer Love

I have never really enjoyed summer apart from when I was a child. I was either a loner or busy working but now I have finally found my love for Summer and have been taking every day In that I can.

My beautiful little girl has been loving playing out in the sunshine and enjoying icecreams together. We also love having indoor picnics with the windows open when it's a little too hot outside. We get blankets out, put some music on and have a good old picky lunch.

I have also been enjoying getting some sun this year! I do not usually tan but I am determined to get at least a light tan this year. I have been putting the sun cream on so as not to burn but still staying out in the sun to get a but of colour into my skin.

I cannot wait for Liam to have a week off work to enjoy with him too. Picnics and trips to the beach would be so good. 

I hope you have all been enjoying the weather and sun as I have been, remember it doesn't last forever so love it. 



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