Simply cook box

I have received a box from simply cook and wanted to show you what type of things you get.

Upon opening the box you receive four recipe cards explaining everything about the recipe and everything that you will need to cook it including a little tear off for the main ingredients that you will need to shop for. You get four boxes with the spices and other bits that you require for the recipes and as this was my first box you also get a little welcome card explaining the company and how to order more.

The boxes are normally £8.99 but using the code YUM you can try one for just £1 which I think is an amazing price.

The recipes that I got were:

Cod and Chorizo broth
20 mins, serves 2, 325 calories

Sweet and smoky and super easy. This recipes looks super yummy and will give me a chance to try cod in a completely different way and hopefully get some more fish into my diet. 
Spices included:
- Chicken stock
- Smoked garlic and red pepper seasoning
- Smoked paprika chilli blend

20 mins, serves 2

This recipes looks amazing with prawns and rice, which reminds me of paella. It actually looks like it might be a favourite of mine.
Spices included:
- Cajun seasoning 
- Garlic paste
- Jambalaya stock. 

Nyonya Curry
20 mins, serves 2, 550 calories

This recipes is probably the least pretty dish of the for recipe card I was sent but sounds very tasty and gives me the chance to try a different curry recipe out too.
Spices included:
- Nyonya paste
- Garlic Coconut paste
- Nyonya garnish

Firecracker Chicken
15 mins, serves 2, 500 calories

This sounds to be a pretty spicy dish but looks amazing, with chicken and noddles with some veggies reminds me of a stir fry. It is apparently one of there healthiest recipes.
Spices included:
- Chinese five spice
- Firecracker sauce
- Soy and red miso.

I cannot wait to try these out so keep an eye out for them on here :).



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